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Project Garden Update 24th July

Thought you’d like a little update on our garden, though, truth be told, we’ve not made much progress this week.

We’ve got our herb garden built and ready to go. Just need some herbs now…! I’d bought Boo her mini garden like this at the start of summer, and I was delighted to discover there were actually two of these in the box (in the sale for just £10 at The Range). I was happy with one for that price, so I’d popped the other in the shed thinking I’d do something with it at some point, and here it is, ready for it’s new purpose..

Herb Garden


potsSo this now lives right by the decking outside the back doors, so that once it’s fully ‘herbed’ up, I can just nip out there to grab stuff for my cooking. There were a few pots there, so they’ve been moved a little further down the path.

In a stroke of luck, my mum also had an offer come through this month with one of her gardening magazines to get lots of free alliums, just paying postage. She tells me it’s a great deal, so we’re going halves on them. The plan is coming together now I have alliums on the way!

And, as you know, I have no budget for Project Garden (makes it more of a fun challenge, at least that’s what I tell myself!), and I’ve made progress with that, too, this week. I popped a load of Little Man’s baby stuff that he no longer needs on Gumtree, and have sold his Baby Bjorn carrier and Moses basket so far, giving me £40 towards the project. That more than covers that postage on the alliums, so I’ll be putting the rest to one side for my next purchase. I’m thinking herbs and a nice, highly scented, David Austin rambling rose 🙂 I do love my roses, so I did take a photo of one out there today to share, too.


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