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Plans For The Home This Year

At the start of each year, I like to look around the home and plan little projects in to spruce it up and change things around.

Last year’s plans were the kitchen makeover, freshening up the bathroom, we redecorated the hall, stairs and landing, got a new shed and re-landscaped the top of the garden and my daughter’s bedroom got a complete new look. So we did a fair bit looking back! In fact, as we redecorated the lounge, our room and Little Man’s bedroom the previous year, it means we’ve given pretty much every room in the house an overhaul recently. Which makes big projects unnecessary this year, so I will concentrate on the little changes and I’ll no doubt be moving furniture about a lot.

This year, literally on New Year’s Day, I decided that one of my projects would be to rearrange the playroom so that it was better organised and given a little facelift. Cut to an hour or so later and I was hot and sweaty in there moving everything about! So that one’s ticked off already.

The Husband is very keen to get a new mattress, as he doesn’t find ours too comfortable. We are probably due one as I believe they recommend you change them every eight years? We started to look around for one, but I was put off by how many different types you can get – it will definitely take a bit more research, but we do need to get this at some point.

I think it will be the little touches that give rooms a fresh look this year, rather than the full makeovers. I’ll be starting with our living room, here’s what’s been catching my eye…

Home Accessories

Reed Diffuser from Next, Throw from Sainsburys, Knitted Pod from Next, Bronze Hares from George, Vases from Ikea, Lamp from John Lewis, Cushion from Ikea, Heart Sculpture from Next

Oh, and the Husband’s keen to get a new television in there, too. Maybe.

I am then desperate, desperate, to get out into my garden again. I am already picturing it blooming out there, I know my cut-flower patch will be absolutely covered in poppies, and most of all I am looking forward to the scents and fragrances. I planted new shrubs, bulbs and seeds last year that I am keen to see come up, along with new roses – yes, I have bought yet more roses. I also have the new patio area (with plenty of planting room and pots surrounding it, of course) to plan and design, so come spring I know I will be spending lots of time out there.

What home projects do you have planned for this year?

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