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The Pen Pal Sign Up – June 2017

Earlier this year I ran my first pen pal sign up. Though I regularly run book and stationery swaps, this one was a bit different as this one was all about developing longer term friendships and I also found it took me a lot longer to put people together and administer! But it was worth it. I’ve had several people thanking me for the difference it has made to them and I myself now have several lovely new pen pals.

Since running it I’ve had lots of people asking me to do one again, so here it is, just for you. Read on if you fancy signing up and putting pen to paper again……

The Pen Pal Sign Up


How Does It Work?
If you’d like to get a pen pal, send over the details to me that I’m requesting below. At the deadline, 28th June 2017, I’ll take a look at those of you looking for pen pals, your hobbies and postage preferences, and then send over someone’s details for you to write to. The intention is that each of you will receive two people’s details that you can write to, and your own details will be passed to at least one other person.

To Get Involved:
If you would like to get involved, then please email me with the following information:

Name and Address details
5 Hobbies/Interests/Likes
Whether you’d be happy to/prefer to post UK or Internationally

Email this over to me at by the 28th June and I’ll pop your details into the mix. This is open worldwide to over 18’s only.

I’m hoping this will help to get some of you back to writing letters again, getting a little more happy post out there in the world.

What do you think? Would you like a pen pal?

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