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Painting Fun Without Paintbrushes

My kids love painting. I love watching them, seeing the scenes that they create, the mess that they get into, the smiles on their faces as they do it. So yesterday I thought I’d let them loose on the lining paper, but make things a little different this time. I invited them to paint without paintbrushes…

Painting Fun Without Paintbrushes

I gathered together various bits and bobs from around the house that we no longer needed and that I thought might be interesting for them. I asked them to look about, too, and Boo came up with the idea to use their toothbrushes – fortunately I had some new ones they could then use for their teeth!

I squirted some washable paint onto a couple of paper plates, which is such an easy way to play and then throw away, rolled out the lining paper all the way across the table, and let the kids loose!

It started like this…

Painting Fun Without Paintbrushes beginnings

They laughed, and explored their way through each and every item and texture. Little Man liked to mix his paints all up, and then largely opted to use his toothbrush as a paintbrush anyway! Boo used every single item in every possible way, I think…

painting fun without paintbrushes images

And it ended like this! Little Man had run out of steam by this point, but Boo was still going, and as you can see, delighting in getting messy!

Painting Fun Without Paintbrushes creation

I loved how easy this activity was to set up and the children really enjoyed it and experimented with textures, shapes and colours. It was just a case of rolling up the lining paper at the end, with everything in it, and throwing it in the bin – I do like a fast and easy clean-up, too!

What do you think? Would your kids enjoy this?

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