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clubcardIn my bid to be thrifty, I’m always looking to get treats for the children for as little as I can. I like them to still have lovely days out to enjoy, and nice presents when it’s birthday time, but not that cost the earth. Especially as they’re still young and so aren’t yet at the stage of nagging for certain things. I’ll enjoy this while I can! As such, our Tesco clubcard vouchers come in handy…

Boo loves theme parks. Yes, I know she’s only 3, but she’s already been to several and is a real thrill seeker. Roller coasters are her favourites, and she’ll moan if they’re going too slowly for her. We love to be able to take her, and now Little Man, on days out like this, but they really don’t come cheap. Unless you can get them for free :-). Yep, we will always work the free angle here! We get lots of clubcard vouchers, as I have a Tesco credit card, which I use to pay for the food shopping each week (normally Tesco, too) , petrol and other bits and bobs, and then clearing it at the end of the month. So points add up and we receive vouchers every 3 months. Using them for days out tokens really makes the most of them, as they tend to be worth around 4 times their value. If we need to use them to buy gifts, we wait for the voucher exchange, where we tend to get double the value of the vouchers to spend at Tesco Direct. And, there’s often a £5 or £10 off a spend deal somewhere to be found, too. That’d definitely be another top thrifty tip – always search for vouchers codes and discounts before buying anything on-line. I did this for my mum once when I was putting a sofa order through for her, and I found a £100 off voucher lurking – she was thrilled! £100 saved all because I did a quick Google search before hitting the ‘checkout’ button!

So what have we been buying with our vouchers? Last year Boo had a bike for her birthday, which was £60, down to £40 in the sale, and we doubled up on our vouchers, so got it for £20 of vouchers. She absolutely loved it, and I was pleased to be giving her such a great present for free! We then went to Thomasland for her birthday for free (very handy as it’s 10 minutes from our house). More recently, we got our Legoland tickets for £8.50 worth of vouchers per ticket and we’ve booked into Alton Towers’ Splash Landings hotel for Boo’s 4th birthday later this year (I used a half price hotel booking code, and then free park tickets with our vouchers). And right now, with this lovely weather, we’re enjoying our new garden patio set bought from Tesco Direct entirely with our vouchers.

And no, this post isn’t sponsored by Tesco. And I understand you may question the ‘free’ – could I get the same shopping cheaper elsewhere and save the money to buy these things? I have considered that, but having done a few calculations, I don’t think so, particularly as I often use the vouchers for quadruple their value. I’ll keep my eye on it, but in the meantime, I’m sticking with my clubcard!


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