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Our Family Days Out Bucket List 2016

I am not a fan of January. Not one bit. I look forward to Christmas and enjoy the countdown, and then after it’s over, I just want spring to come. I want sunny mornings, my garden bursting with possibilities and drier days to get out and about. I suspect I’m not alone?

So this year, I thought it would be fun to put together something of a bucket list with my family, of things that we’d like to do together this year, ensuring we’ve lots of things lined up to look forward to…

Family Days Out Bucket List

Days Out

Warwick Castle

I’ve been waiting, somewhat eagerly, for the kids to be old enough to enjoy this one. I’ve been several times, and as a history student, I absolutely adore wandering around old buildings, and Warwick Castle is truly spectacular. I’m hoping to take them when there’s a special event on, such as a Horrible Histories day.

Chatsworth House

Yes, yes, this is one I’m yearning for, too, though I’ve not been here before and am very keen to do so. It looks like there’s plenty to see and do there for all of us, and it’s not all that far away so I’m hoping we can do it in one day, though I have to say a break away in the Peak District really appeals, so we may turn this into something more, we’ll see.

Chester Zoo

We’ve been here several times before, and we all love it. We like to visit a few zoos each year, and this one is always impressive. We’ve not yet seen the new Islands addition, so we’d like to return to see that.

National Space Centre

We have never been before and I’ve heard such good things about it from friends, so we are keen to go. I showed a clip of it to Boo and she’s was gasping and jumping around excitedly, so it’s fair to say that she’s up for it!

Bosworth BattleField

This is for me and my degree, of course, but I’m hoping that it will appeal to the children, too. It may be something that just Boo and I do together making it a little more special, we’ll see.

Natural History Museum

We are so keen to go here. I’ve heard that it is so, so busy in the holidays and when we went to London last July, the queues were huge. We’re thinking of using one of Boo’s teacher training days to venture down and explore. Any tips for best times to visit will be gratefully received!

Breaks Away

Chessington World of Adventures

We’ve never been and it looks like there’s so much to do there, so we want to go! My kids love zoos and theme parks, so I’m thinking this will tick some boxes!


We had a weekend in York last year and absolutely loved it. We’d like to revisit, perhaps take in the Jorvik centre and explore surrounding areas, too.

‘The Seaside’

The kids are not choosy on this one, but it is a must on their list! Living in Birmingham, we are about as far from the coast as you can get in England, so we rarely get to see the sea, only ever on holidays and breaks away. We may go up north for a change, and tie it in with York.

And Most Importantly, The ‘Little Things’

Family days out bucket list 2016

They are called the ‘little things’ but I can’t help but feel that these are the big things, the things that really count. Whilst we’re excited about our adventures and exploring all of the above, I suspect it will be the little things that keep us going, keep the smiles on our faces and are the childhood moments remembered.

Scooters and Bikes in the Park

Loading the car up and popping to our local, huge rambling park is a firm favourite, yet it’s something we’ve not made time to do recently. We will do better this year.

Playground Visits and New Discoveries

Ask my kids where they want to go, rain or shine, and this is likely to crop up as an answer. We’d like to find a few new ones local to us to explore.

Playing Pooh Sticks

Simple pleasures at their best? I remember playing this with my brother when I was little, and both of the kids like this one. My mum took them recently, and they played not only ‘pooh sticks’ but also ‘pooh apples’?! Anyway, it’s definitely made an impression, as this is one of the first ideas that they had.

One on One Time

As Little Man’s at home with me in the week, we get one on one time together. But this year I want to make more of this and plan a few fun days out for just the two of us. I tend to steer clear of these as I like to wait until Boo’s with us, too, but I think she’ll get over it and I know he’ll love it. I also want to have more mum and daughter days with Boo, as she absolutely loves these, as do I.

OK, I’m thinking that’s enough now! We also want to return to some favourite haunts, such as Drayton Manor, Cannock Chase, the National Forest Adventure Farm, ThinkTank and various National Trust properties, so we will be packing it in this year. The list has been approved by all family members, so it’s now my task to make it all happen, a task that I’m really looking forward to. I’d like to spread the fun out over the course of the year, so as we’re already a week into 2016, I think I’d best get my planner out and get cracking!

Have you been to any of these places? Any tips or recommendations for us?

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