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Our Autumn Poem

We’ve been getting out and about and enjoying the season out there, from leaf hunts to foraging to wild art, we’re embracing it all. As such, and because the fabulous team over at Center Parcs have set us this challenge, we’re going to turn our hand to poetry and share with you our autumn poem. Emma Tapp shared a few tips for this post, and there’s no doubt that her suggestion to ‘play outside’ is a huge influencer here, as we are getting out, and just wrapping up warmer, but the one that struck a chord with me was ”have fun’ – your poem doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece’ – phew! We’ll have a giggle and a go then..

To get the children involved (well, Boo, as Little Man will struggle to help on this one, I think!), I asked her to tell me all of her favourite things about autumn, which she did and more – Boo being Boo, she drew them!

autumn drawing

We have – leaves, wellies, sunshine, a rainbow, conkers, acorns and twigs. So, with our key words at the ready, the Husband and I created this poetry masterpiece, sharing one of our typical autumn outings..

It’s autumn, a fun time to all don our wellies
And get outside, go explore, switch off the tellies
We hear those crisp leaves crunching under foot
Resoundingly shouting ‘summer’s doors are now shut’
With the sky brightly lit by watery sunshine
We’re off on an adventure, while the weather stays fine
We’ll hunt high and low, it’ll be a great pleasure
Conkers, acorns, twigs, all natural treasure
See squirrels scampering, ducks quacking about
We’re off to the playground, well we must while we’re out
But no, what’s that now? Splish splashes of rain
Puddles to jump in, no need to refrain
Muddy and windswept, we head off on our way
A rainbow arcs above, to end a perfect day.

It does pretty much sum up most of our autumn outings, thanks to Boo’s suggestions – clever girl šŸ™‚

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 November challenge. If Iā€™m chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Forest.

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