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Operation Makeover

This year, I’ve challenged myself to make over most rooms in the house, as well as the ongoing Project Garden.

I’m in our house a lot. I’m here with the kids, I have friends and play-dates over and I work from home. These walls can begin to get dull! So I thought it’d be fun to give each room a little spruce up, over the course of the year. It will vary from room to room as to how much I change it, depending on what needs to be done. These will be room makeover projects that I do in a day or two, and are more about livening the rooms up with a few key changes, by and large, rather than full on hundreds of pounds worth of work. The exception to that will probably be Little Man’s room, as he’ll move from cot to bed, and we’ll probably get some other new furniture in there, too. I’m hoping he stays firmly put in his cot for quite a while longer, but I do like to plan, particularly as that’ll be my biggest home project this year.

I have started pinning all sorts of ideas, on every single room, and as other Pinterest people will know, this can be addictive! It allows me to get a feel for the looks that I want, and then I can start looking in actual shops to source that look – well, that’s how I go about it anyway. And so, it is to John Lewis and their beds and furniture that I have turned this week as I’ve started to hatch my plans. I’ve written before about how much I enjoy shopping with them, so they’re often one of the places that I start mooching about in!

Thinking about Little Man’s bedroom, eventually I think I’d like him to have a cabin bed, as it’ll allow for lots of storage underneath, but I think we’ll start a bit lower than that! So this is the type of thing I’m thinking of..

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I think white furniture will look nice in there, and then we’ll add lots of colour with accessories, and his books and toys will do that, too. Whilst poking about at the furniture, I did spot that they have a Roald Dahl range, which is tempting!
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I think when the time does come, as we did with Boo, we’ll get Little Man involved in choosing some of his new things, so that he gets excited about the changes and is then, hopefully, happier with the transition. It worked with Boo, so I’ll try it again!

The room that we’ve re-done most recently has been the playroom, which we changed around last year. However, with birthdays, Christmas and just the children getting older, it’s needed more storage and a few changes, so I’ll start there as it should be the fastest to sort! Will share more on that soon…

How about you? Do you find yourself regularly redecorating or moving things about for a fresh look or do you leave well alone? And where do you look for your inspiration?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, though all words and opinions are my own.


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