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Open Garden Day

On Sunday I was fortunate enough to be selling my cards in a gorgeous garden local to me, opening for charity for one day only. I was set up in the dining room, with the patio doors opening out onto the garden, so this was my view for the day..


I love the idea of people having these fabulous gardens, and then joining up with a few others to allow people to come and enjoy them while raising money for worthy causes. It does make me wonder how many other hidden gems there are as I drive past houses with well tended front gardens – what must the back garden look like? I want to get in and explore!

Well at least on this occasion I could. I don’t think I’ve ever set up my display so quickly before (it still looked gorgeous, of course ;-)), so that I could get out there to wander round prior to visitors arriving. And this is what I discovered…












It was a great day, with plenty of people admiring the grounds, lots raised for charity, and in case you’re wondering, I sold plenty! (Including Christmas cards and advent calendars – early for some, irresistible for others..!)

This is the second charity open garden I’ve been to this year, having been working at both, and I have to say that I love them. Such a generous idea and fascinating to have a look around people’s pride and joy. I know they spring up all around the country – have you visited any?

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