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On Becoming A Plant Lady

A few years ago, I caught the gardening bug. I’m still not sure how or what finally triggered it, but after many years of complete disinterest, the pastime grabbed me. I not only appreciated all that was growing in my garden, I started to want to shape it and to tend it.

Several years in and that interest has never waned. Even when I had a tiny puppy seemingly determined to undo all of my hard work out there!

I am not a patient person by nature, I like everything done now, and I like tasks to be neatly ticked off my list as complete. Gardening throws all of that out of the window as it requires heaps of patience and it is a ‘task’ that is never finished. It is a neverending job, and that’s probably what I like most about it. No matter what, there will always be something to do out there, and when I spend time gardening, be it for five minutes or hours, I lose myself in it and completely switch off.

I also find msyelf enjoying meandering around other people’s gardens and beautiful gardens when we’re out and about. When we were out and about, remember those days?! I take in the arrangements, the colours, the scents and photograph any plants that I don’t know but want to check them with my mum.

This year, as with so many of us I imagine as we’re home more than usual, my gardening has gone up a level. My mum hasn’t been able to come and help me, so I have done a lot more of it by myself. We are usually out there together as she loves to garden and I value her knowledge and use all of her tips. Without her this year (though I have been asking her a fair bit over the phone!) I’ve found that the more I have done, the more satisfaction I have gained, and the more I want to do. Being home all day has also meant that I just nip out and do a few bits here and there every few days. I like being able to just dip into it and do as much or as little as I feel like and have time for.

Until recently, indoor plants have never been of huge interest to me, aside from succulents. Everybody has succulents, right? But I have become interested in house plants, too. I am gathering a few new plants, largely from cuttings cultivated by my mum and I was fortunate to receive a few more for my birthday over the weekend. I love having them around and have my eye on several more that I’d like to add to my collection. I am finding myself scrutinising each one to ensure it is in good health and ensuring they are fed, watered and misted in some cases. It’s like taking on an extra job!

And finally, as if gardening and house plants aren’t enough, I am also in the middle of taking an online floristry course, which I am absolutely loving. It’s a good mix of learning the science and finding out more about flowers and arrangements. I still have plenty of units left to cover, it’s a good one to drop into whenever I have half an hour. I am really enjoying studying again, and it’s so far removed from my Open University degree, it’s fun to challenge myself in a different way.

So yes, all in all, it looks like I’m becoming a plant lady. And I am quite content with that.

How about you, do plants and gardens hold any interest for you?


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