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What Am I Doing Now?

I’ve been tagged by the lovely The World According to Izzie Anderton to share with you what I’m doing now…

Currently I Am: Sitting here writing this, whilst the kids are playing with their stickle bricks and dancing to Go!Go!Go!

Reading: I’m reading a novel – Nicola Cornick’s Dauntsey Park, a magazine – Garden News (which I LOVE! Used my Tesco vouchers for a subscription, and as well as the great weekly magazine, there’s usually a pack of free seeds with it!), and a reference book – I’ve been dipping into The Language of Flowers.

reading right now

Listening to: Nick Jr’s Go!, Go!, Go!, over and over and over again. Little Man is seriously obsessed! I do make the occasional attempt to put some different music on in the car or the house, but it rarely lasts.

Laughing At: Orange is the New Black. We started to watch this on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, and are now watching a couple of episodes each night. Love it, and I will be sad when we reach the end of the second series very soon!

Swooning Over: Writing bureaus. I really want one, a lovely old one, that I’ll use as the centre piece to a whole new work space. My Pinterest browsing often leads me back there!

Planning: My kids’ birthdays. Little Man’s is at the start of September, Boo’s is the start of October. I’ve started to get a few presents in for them, and am thinking about what to do on their birthdays. Oh, and I’m pondering cake choices.

Eating Lots Of: Ben and Jerrys. Standard.

Feeling: Hot. Not that I’m complaining, I do love the sunshine.

Discovering: That my kids are growing way too quickly! Boo’s uniform is all hanging ready for her in her wardrobe, and we’ve been rearranging Little Man’s room this week, moving out his nursery decor and bringing in new furniture, ready for a big boy bed soon.

Looking At: My garden. I love looking at my garden this month. The cut flower patch and roses are drawing my eyes all of the time, and the scents and colours are just beautiful.

Wearing: Flip flops every single day, and I’m loving it!

Cooking: Slow cooker pulled pork. We only got our slow cooker a couple of months ago, so this is still a novelty, and this one’s become a firm and regular favourite here.

Wondering: How things will be when Boo starts school in September. How it’ll change my little girl, and what activities Little Man and I will get up to. I’m booking a few different classes in for us to try out in September, and I’m looking forward to seeing which ones he likes.

Trying Out: Bare Minerals make up. I’m always nervous of trying new bases as I’ve got sensitive skin, but this has been fine. I’ve used Clinique foundation for years, but I’ve recently moved to this, and I believe I am converted!

So that’s me, now I’d be interested to know what Redhead Babyled, Family Fever and Northumberlandmam are doing now, if they’d like to share…

What are you doing now?

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