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Not Another Bug

Boo isn’t going to pre-school again now until the new year. If you’re thinking, that’s early for them to break up, no, no, no, they break up on 20th December. I just don’t want her to go in again until after Christmas.

germsWhy? Illnesses. They are absolutely rife. It seems that as soon as the colder weather hits, our home, and our plans take a germ-beating. In just the last few weeks she has had an awful vomiting bug, that saw her unable to keep anything down for 48 hours, and then last weekend she had a virus of some kind, as she was crying in pain, burning up, and sleeping on and off for days – this one she also passed on to Little Man. Wonderful. And, of course, that’s always the worry with these things. I hate seeing Boo in discomfort with them, but then there’s the knock-on effect for the whole family, as we all wait a few days to see if we’re going to go down with it, too. Inevitably, someone does. And these are in addition to the colds we’ve all had, as to be honest, they don’t offend me much, however bad the cold, as I can still function and look after everyone and though they may make us a bit miserable, they rarely make us insensible.

So, I’m keeping her at home. After a slow recovery from her latest virus (she’s still a bit quiet and cuddly over a week later, which isn’t like her at all!) we did attempt to go in this week, but she wasn’t up for it, and she’s never asked to come home before from there at drop-off time, so I didn’t argue it. The manager informed me that they have several different bugs doing the rounds, so I decided that no, she won’t go in and catch yet another. It is fortunate that I’m at home so I can do this, and it just seemed silly to send her and risk her (guarantee her) catching something else and it putting pay to our exciting festivities – we’ve a visit to Santa this weekend, Muppet Christmas Carol day next weekend, along with other play-dates and planned fun.

I’m happy I can do this, though at the back of my mind, I dread next year when she’ll be at school and I won’t have the option of keeping her at home. And they have attendance policies in place, which I’ve always been a little unsure of. Don’t get me wrong, she’ll go to school!, it’s just that there are rewards in place for full attendance, but if you’ve had a bug, you’re supposed to stay away for 48 hours as you’re still infectious – I see a conflict there. I know children often return sooner than they should because of this, or due to childcare arrangements, so it seems inevitable that the bug will keep spreading. I hate it.

What does everyone else find? Do they eventually build up more of an immunity? It seems that since Boo started there at the start of this year, we’ve all caught illness after illness. We’re nervous each time she comes home, in case she has another – that’s how bad it’s been the last few weeks! Or do you have any fabulous tips for building up better resistance against these germs, as I’d love to hear them – any and all suggestions welcome! I’d say, until this year, she’s always been hardy, but my, she’s taken something of a beating this year, poor little mite. So, I will keep her here, enjoy Christmas, and then send her back into the lion’s den in January….

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