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My Summer TBR Pile

It was my birthday last month, and regular readers will know that that meant new books! I always treat myself to additions to my To Be Read pile when I get a little birthday money, and yes they are additions as I already have a fairly substantial pile! I thought I’d share my purchases here as these will be on my summer TBR pile. In theory these are going to be the books that I go to first though I have many, many others that I have yet to read, so we will see…

Do you order the books that you are going to read? I tend to approach my shelves when I need to choose a new book and go with whichever one fits my mood at that time. I do read a variety of genres, so it might be a gritty thriller, a light romance, a fun fantasy or a grisly horror, I just go with whatever I like the look of at that moment in time.

I chose these birthday books simply by checking in on a few of my favourite authors and checking out the books available from them. I love Nora Roberts’ trilogies, so I found a series that I’ve not read before to try. I received War Storm at the bottom there as I have the first three books that I am already making my way through in the series. I then went for a mixture of recommendations, reviews, and pot luck! I like to get a variety of genres in, though quite a few of these look quite light reading, perfect for summer. The spine that you can’t read there at the top is The Chalk Man which is apparently quite creepy. I do like creepy! I did also buy Milly Johnson’s The Perfectly Imperfect Woman, and I have already read it, loved it, and passed it on!

Are any of your favourites in this pile? What would you read next?


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