Muppet Christmas Carol Day

muppet christmas carol

Everyone has this day, right? In the build up to Christmas? A family tradition, and an official ‘day’? No?! Why not??!

Muppet Christmas Carol Day is a big deal in my family. It started when my brother and I still lived at home, though we struggle to recall exactly when it began. It already existed by the time I met the Husband, and as that was back in ’97, we can safely say it’s a fairly longstanding tradition! The Husband was soon introduced to it, and then my brother’s wife, and now my children. It tends to be the second weekend in December, and we get that date booked in with all parties around about now. It has been booked in for 2013.

What is it? Well, you’ve perhaps already deduced that there’s viewing of The Muppet’s Christmas Carol! Good old Michael Caine, and we not only know every song, but probably every word, too. You may be thinking, well, I should think so after so many viewings, and yes, it’s been watched a fair bit, but only ever once a year. Thems the rules, you see. Yes, we watch it, but only ever together, annually, on Muppet Christmas Carol Day.

We’ll swap Christmas cards at this point, too, and in the run-up to this precious day, my mum will also go and buy her tree. It will be decorated the day before and this day will be the ‘tree reveal’ day. She will buy a ridiculous quantity of sweets and chocolate bars and make us all up our own Christmas sweetie stockings, which will be received as the viewing commences, and will continue to provide us with snacks while visiting over the Christmas period. This in itself sparks another tradition – the swap and trades of sweets.

My sister-in-law is quite generous with her swaps. She’s been known to swap out her Mars bar and a pack of Poppets for a Curly Wurly. I like a Curly Wurly, but that’s clearly disproportionate. Drives my brother mad, as it’s rarely in his favour, and he issues warnings prior to the swap session to her – which she of course heeds as she totally listens to him… πŸ˜‰

And then we watch. We sing, we giggle, we ‘light the lamp, not the rat’ and we moan at my children if they interrupt our most crucial screening of the year!

Normal? It’s absolutely normal to us, and I genuinely cannot imagine not having this day as part of our run up to Christmas. It has to be my favourite family tradition – what’s yours?

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