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Make Your Own Recycled Paper Beads – Review

We’ve been #Toadtesting again! Yes, The Toadstool have sent us one of their exciting new products to test out, from their ‘Green’ range, so we eagerly set about putting it through it’s paces.

Introducing, Green Crafts Make Your Own Recycled Beads..


Boo was excited just by the box! I mean, it looks pretty, ‘gadgety’ and crafty – what’s not to entice her? On opening it up, these are the contents.


There are a couple of sheets of paper, which then need to be cut up ready for beads, some wire for threading the beads onto, glue and a dabber for sealing the paper beads and the tool itself. The bead-making tool comes in 2 parts, but is so simple to put together that when I looked up from checking the instruction leaflet, Boo had already assembled it and was asking for paper to get going with!

bead making

It’s really straightforward, yet so effective. You pop the paper into 2 metal pins on the device, and then turn the handle and it winds the paper up into a little bead, and when you get to the point where there’s around 5cm of paper left to wind, you glue that remaining bit, continue to wind and it’s then stuck together. Et voila, your bead is ready!

beads complete

Once we’d made a few, Boo was keen to create a bracelet with them, so she threaded each one on to the wire provided, and then handed it to me to knot it, as that was a little too much for her to manage.

bead threading

She was pleased with the result…


This is such a nifty little tool. It’s great for use in pretty much any crafting session we do, as the beads can be used as decorations as well as for jewellery. We’ve used magazines to make shinier beads, too, and Boo likes viewing our paper recycling box as a craft-haven! It’s simple to use, and though the kit suggests ages 5 and up, at 4, Boo has been very comfortable using it. I think an older child would just be faster with it (I’ve become a whizz!). It’s not like anything we’ve seen before either, which makes it that bit different for us to play with, and it’s always fun to make new discoveries like this. It gets a thumbs-up from us!

As well as this kit, there have been other kits going through their #Toadtest paces. So to celebrate these new additions to the range, The Toadstool are running a fabulous competition, across each of our blogs. Just use the rafflecopter to enter and be in with a chance of winning a green science kit of your choice – there will be 2 winners, so good luck!

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