Little Man’s First Parents Evening

Last week we went along to parents evening at the kids’ school.

I was really looking forward to meeting with Little Man’s teacher. He tells me very little about his days, but what has delighted me is how happy he has been to go every single day since he started. He never really took to nursery, and though he settled there over time, he’d always prefer to be home and there were still wobbles on drop offs all the way up to his last day there. That being the case, I was unsure how he would get on at school, but so far he is loving it.

Apparently he is a pleasure to have in the classroom, has a real love of learning, has a great group of friends and is very well-behaved. Can I admit that the Husband and I were a little surprised by all of this information?! He did tell me last week that he uses all of his ‘good stuff’ up at school so he can’t possibly be good all the time when he’s at home! Don’t get me wrong, I knew he’d be well-mannered and well-behaved there, but when did he become the model pupil?! Of course, it was great to hear and very reassuring that he’s adapted so well to school and is doing all that is asked of him. He loves to play with his friends, but then works hard and diligently when he needs to. His teacher has also picked up on his perfectionist tendencies (so not from me!) so it was good that she understands this and she is always reassuring the class that mistakes are fine to make as we all make them, and just to have a go. This has always been my message to my son as the idea of it not being perfect could hold him back from attempting something, but she tells me that he has a go at absolutely every activity. Wonderful to hear, I am so proud of him.

Of course, it was also Boo’s parents evening. Which, by the way, was quite stressful – juggling the two appointments when they are running late. There was a moment when we felt like we were having to choose a favourite child – which appointment do we go to?! Anyway, we managed both in the end, and Boo’s was very positive. I noted with interest that the first thing that her teacher said about her was that she has a lot of energy. Oh yes, that’s our girl, and for her to stand out as energetic in a room full of 7 and 8 year olds, you know that she really does take it to another level! Exhausting energy levels aside, she’s a good all-rounder, team player and confident to get involved in everything. So proud of her, and it sounds like she’s comfortable in Year 3.

My two little ones are all settled into school, they are happy there, they have good friends and they will have a go at everything that’s asked of them. I can ask no more, it was a good parents evening.


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