Launching Bring Back Paper!

Welcome to the start of my new series – Bring Back Paper!

Now, I don’t hate technology, no, no, this isn’t what this is about. I would be lost and feel cast adrift if you took my precious iPhone 5 off me – I may even sob..! I think the advent of emails and paperless billing is brilliant, as who wants boring post like that, and what a waste of paper. And, quite clearly, I’m a big fan of a blog!

But, regular readers will know that I like paper. I’m talking about most kinds. I love letter-writing, and wrote about the fabulous #PostCircle here recently. I love my books, which I know I talk about from time to time, most recently in my My Fictional World meme (still open if you’d like to share!).Β I also make lists, use jotter pads, weekly planners, have 2 diaries on the go, and I always develop my best ideas with pen and paper in hand, mind maps on the go! Where would I be without paper, stationery and books? They brighten my days. Here’s a little glimpse at some of mine..

my papery world

I’ve notepads and diaries on my desk, my letter-writing box there, a snippet of one of my bookcases and a little organiser box for some of the kids documents.

I love browsing pretty stationery and choosing books. Receiving them is a delight, and if you’re ever needing to buy me a gift, you won’t go far wrong with a book or a pen! And on the subject of books, I do mean books, not e-books. I’ve yet to submit to a Kindle, though I know there are plenty of positives to them as an avid reader, but for me, I want that book in my hand.

So with a love of snail mail, list-making, books and of course, cards and stationery, I launch #BringBackPaper.

bring back paper

What’s it all about?

Every Wednesday on the blog, I’ll be sharing something papery. This is all things for everyone – non-bloggers are so very welcome to join in πŸ™‚

– I’ll be inviting guest posts where you can wax lyrical about your love of stationery, your reading habits, your scrapbooking, share your paper crafting, feature your paper business, whatever you like, please just get in touch with me at to guest post here, and you don’t have to be a blogger to do so, everyone is welcome.

– Use the hash tag #BringBackPaper on Twitter and Instagram for any shares of old or new pretty stationery, book buys or when you receive a swap – see my next point….!

– There will also be papery swaps throughout the year – exciting! And to kick us off, we’ll get going with our first #BringBackPaper swap. It is to swap a novel. As simple as that. It can be any piece of adult fiction, and you need to be happy to receive any book in return, so adding an exciting air of mystery and anticipation, a little like my Blind Date With A Book post. To join in, email me with your name and address and I’ll pair you up for your swap. Do only join in if you are sure you can get a book sent, as it’d be disappointing for your swap partner if they receive nothing. All books are to be posted this month, and I look forward to being paired and receiving my surprise book!

– I’m also toying with the idea of doing a ‘Papery Peep‘ monthly photo linky – a shot of papery goodness! May it be your bookshelves, a new stationery purchase, something you’ve made, a stack of notebooks, your current ‘books to read’ pile, your monthly swap, stationery hoardes, letter writing boxes, washi tape collections, anything paper goes! I do like perusing pictures of pretty stationery and books, but would appreciate a little feedback on whether you’d want to join in with this one, please. I love looking at pretty paper, but perhaps not everyone does?! UPDATE!! Yep, I’m doing this! The last Wednesday of every month is now ‘Papery Peep’ day, so do come and share. I’ll post more about it later this month.

– To celebrate the launch, I’ll also offer surprise papery treat bundles from my shop. For Β£15, including postage, order a #BringBackPaper goodie pack – stationery lovers will not be disappointed! To order, simply tweet or email me. (Packs will vary, but all will have a retail value of Β£15, & I’ll do free P&P with them)

I want to get more paper enjoyed, more letter writing taking place, more happy post being sent, more books shared around, more news on beautiful products, and simply more indulgence in pretty papery goods!

What do you think? Will you join me on my papery quest?

You can read more #BringBackPaper posts hereΒ now, including stationery features, posts about journaling and paper crafting, and a wonderful letter writing circle…

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108 thoughts on “Launching Bring Back Paper!”

  1. My name is Emily and I am a stationary geek. I love paper, books and I love this idea! I am also rather sad in that I love getting post so I love letters and parcels. The book swap sounds like a fab idea and I’d love to take part so ill be emailing you! X
    Emily G recently posted…Brilliance in Blogging AwardsMy Profile

    1. We’re as sad as each other then, as I love it all, too! Thanks for your support, can’t wait to get going with this feature πŸ™‚

  2. I love stationary, at one point it took over a full set of drawers in my office so I’ve had to destash and give a lot to my daughter. I’m definitely going to be emailing as I love swapping books and finding new favourite authors.

  3. I am the same, I am obsessed with paper, stationery, notebooks, journals, real books. Always have been. I love writing on paper, making lists, writing my novels on actual paper first and ideas for my next novel. I love a good pen and stationery too, snail mail is still my favorite. Although does get expensive back and forth to the USA. But I love it still the same. Great post, we have similar tastes!!! Love your bring paper back idea. Thank you ever so much for linking up each week, supporting me and sharing your wonderful writings #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ wk 9My Profile

    1. Oh yes, I can imagine snail mail to the US would get costly. Still lovely to do, though. Nice to know you’re a scribbler, too! Thanks for hosting x

  4. Oh, what a great idea! I am absolutely obsessed with stationery too – I think it was a key factor in me becoming a teacher really, I was never as happy as when I was spending the stationery budget! And I get a tiny bit too much pleasure out of choosing a new diary, or cards for people too. Excited to see these posts Jocelyn! xx

    1. Oh yes, I’m the same! Love choosing it all. Never happier than when I’m in a stationery or bookshop πŸ™‚

  5. I have a confession. I love everything stationery. So much so that my partner points out that I have so many super pretty notebooks, planners, and more that I don’t use half of them. My reply? WHO CARES! They are pretty! Don’t say mean things to the pretty stationery!! Followed by a hiss and protective stance in front of them no doubt.

    Love this idea! Cannot wait to join on your papery quest!!! #BringBackPaper x
    Super Busy Mum {Debs} recently posted…Mad Mid Week Blog Hop – Week 14!My Profile

  6. Fabulous idea!! I would love to join in, write a guest post, or anything really!

    I’d be completely bereft if I lost any of my precious notebooks. Anything of any importance gets scribbled in these – typing an iPhone memo is NOT the same. :). Baby milestones, shopping lists, holiday packing, meetings, thoughts, general musings – it all gets noted in the relevant book!

    @katgrant30 recently posted…We are familyMy Profile

    1. Brilliant! I’ll be in touch about the guest post then πŸ™‚ I do love a good notebook. In fact, I’ve just started a fresh one for #BringBackPaper!

  7. I am just starting to love paper I have too I am not clever enough to work out spread sheets or files on folders so everything is written down on paper! I think its turning into a bit of an obsession! this is a fabulous idea xx #sharewithme

  8. You always have such fabulous ideas! I love stationery, cards and notebooks too. I have to admit to being a little bit out of practice with the letter writing but there’s nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter in the post, is there? Brilliant idea. I look forward to seeing it unfold…pardon the pun!
    suzanne3childrenandit recently posted…When Did This Happen? #WIDRNMy Profile

  9. Oh yes – completely agree! There’s nothing like a brand new notebook or a selection of lovely pens. I think the power of technology is brilliant, but there’s nothing like paper and books, especially for list-making. Ticking a box in a spreadsheet just doesn’t have the same feeling of satisfaction as a sharp line through a completed item on a hand-written list! #sharewithme
    Katie Clark recently posted…Trying To Conceive After Miscarriage: Two Week Wait (2ww) SymptomsMy Profile

  10. Oh my goodness, Jocelyn, you never stop! You must be blogging in your sleep to find such brilliant ideas. I love paper, too! In fact, the children are making cards for Easter as I am typing. I love paper, too! I have been writing a diary for years and years (the wooden box full of them is my most treasured material possession), I print photos regularly and do scrapbooking, make cards, write lists… Paper rocks! Fab idea, once again. x Mel

    1. Lovely to have you getting involved! How sweet to have letters like that, and yes, definitely keepers xx

  11. I love paper! There is something so nice about it and especially books! I love flicking through a book and smelling it. I ave a kindle but I have given up on it for a while as I just wanted to feel a book in my hand! IThere is something so nice about paper!
    Anna-Marie recently posted…Is It Really Happening?My Profile

    1. Love this! I’ve started a new book today, for #BringBackPaper, and am going to be really irritable if I have to scribble anything out!

  12. LOVE THIS!!! I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t love stationary!! There is definitely something more organised feeling about having stuff written down on paper too! x
    seychellesmama recently posted…9 monthsMy Profile

  13. I’m a stationery fan too. Although generally to look at and not to use! I have 4 unused, but very pretty notebooks on my shelves and next to my living room chair that have been gifts. What I’d love though, is personalised address cards to send out to people as thanks. The ones I’ve seen are beautiful but so expensive, so probably will never have them, but I can but dream. #sharewithme
    Emma T recently posted…The turning point – risk taker or cautious swimmerMy Profile

    1. I know what you mean about not using them, though I think that’s just because I choose to buy so much of it!

  14. I still remember the thrill of a new exercise book at school, the excitement of writing my name so neatly, underlining the date and promising to keep it pristine. Then real life kicked in and it became a bit tatty with scribblings on the cover and doodles in the margins. I still loved them though and even at my advanced age get a kick out of the creamy whiteness of a fresh page and the beauty of a new notebook or card. I love ‘real’ book too although a Kindle is fab for holidays – I can take all my Dickens, Austen and Hardy with me without needing an extra suitcase! Would love to guest post if you need me and will certainly email about book swap.

    1. There is something wonderful about the first page of a new notebook, isn’t there? I started one yesterday, and loved it! Great that you liked to get involved, happy to have you on board πŸ™‚

  15. Dropping in from #BrillBlogPosts. I love e books and paper books, but the latter more. I especially like the smell of new books and browsing in a good book shop, but libraries too. Love the idea of your Blind Date With a Book, although not sure about having them wrapped in brown paper. One of the things I loved about our old reading group was the selection of books I wouldn’t ordinarily read…discovered too the joys of reaquainting myself with some books I’d read before (some at school) and hated but now could appreciate!
    sarah hill wheeler (@hill_wheeler) recently posted…How much fruit and veg? The view from the Hamlet….My Profile