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Kidstart Review

Do you shop on-line? I do, frequently! I like to be able to search for products, check best prices, look for voucher codes and read reviews. Oh, and it beats walking round the shops with two little ones!

I use Kidstart, and would highly recommend it. It’s all really simple to set up, without any fees or outlay at all from you. You register with them, add your children’s details and savings accounts (if they don’t have one set up yet, you can use your account, and change details at any point), and then shop! They have hundreds of retailers, travel companies, insurers, utility providers etc. on there, just take a look around. I tend to buy the children’s clothes, all presents for birthdays and Christmas, and any household purchases using it. I’ve also switched our gas and electricity through a link on it, and sorted our home insurance, and both have paid commissions.


I always shop on-line via my Kidstart login, which has meant we’ve added nearly £300 in the kids’ savings accounts now, just by doing this. It’s an easy way to save for them, without it costing us anything at all. I know there are various schemes like this, but this one works for us as the choice of retailers is good, and they do pay the money directly in to Boo and Little Man’s accounts, on a monthly basis on any amount over £10. I’ve used them since I was pregnant with Boo, and am very happy with them.

So if you internet shop, and haven’t signed up for anything like this yet, I’d suggest you take 5 minutes to register, bookmark the site, and you’ll be saving for your family while spending – I like that kind of thrifty! 😉

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