Kids Parcel Review & Giveaway

We have had an exciting delivery here, a mystery box has arrived from Kids Parcel addressed to Boo and Little Man…


How exciting?! Kids Parcel offer 5 different boxes, Boys Mystery Box, Girls Mystery Box, Kids Mystery Box, Disney Kids Mystery Box and Star Wars Kids Mystery Box, all currently priced at £29.99. They work with brands such as Disney, Brainbox, Minecraft, Lego, Star Wars, Tsum Tsum, Ty, Hot Wheels, Scooby Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Orchard Toys, so you can be assured of great quality products.

Each box is handpicked, includes a free personalised message with a good mixture of toys encouraging different types of play. It’s fun as I was as excited about seeing what was inside as the kids were, so it’s a great gift to get if you’re struggling for inspiration and fancy a surprise yourself!

Anyway, without further delay, let me hand you over to the kids so that they can unbox is for you and share all…

The Unboxing

Then here’s a little glimpse at the goodies we’ve received without it being too much of a video spoiler, I hope!


The Verdict

The first thing that struck me is the quality of the products included, as you would expect when working with top brands. Then there is the variety of toys, as the kids went straight off to watch the DVD, then returned to their box and got the play doh out to create with. All the time, Little Man had his Finn figure with him, of course. My kids are both very different in terms of the toys that they are attracted to as Boo tends to favour arts and crafts whilst Little Man enjoys playing with figures and playsets, so this box did well to cater to both of their interests in that way.

I cannot see the packaging, prompt delivery, surprise element or quality of toys letting anyone down. The only issue may be that there is a chance that you could be sending someone something that they already have, but then that could happen if you were selecting the item yourself anyway. It is a fun concept and great for a quirky gift idea.

If you like the look of Kids Parcel, it’s worth following them over on Twitter and Facebook as they do give away a box each month to Facebook, Twitter or newsletter followers.

Competition Time!

I do now have one Kids Parcel Mystery Box up for grabs! To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK residents only and closes at 12am 3rd November 2016. Good luck!

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What appeals to you about Kids Parcel?

Disclosure: We received the box FOC for the purposes of this post

335 thoughts on “Kids Parcel Review & Giveaway”

  1. I think it would give me new ideas about how to put together selections, as well as simply being a delightful gift in itself, of course.

  2. I love the variety of things provided for children! And it’s a great surprise that they won’t know what’s in it 😀

  3. Alison Macdonald

    The element of surprise! Love to see kids faces when they open presents and don’t know what’s inside – that’s why i love the operation shoe box appeal 😉

  4. The whole surprise aspect is very appealing to children well its appealing to everyone haha I will be wanting to open it before my little one! I also love that there is quite a good range of different things in the box for the kids to enjoy 😀

  5. My grandson would love to open one of these boxes. The mystery of what you are going to receive is so exciting to any child

  6. I love the idea of a little gift in the post, I love exciting post rather than the usual bills bills bills!

  7. I love your video, your little man just couldn’t be bothered once he got his Star Wars Figures, he was so happy, bless him. I like the idea of a surprise box. I may just get one to surprise my kids.

  8. The unknown…the excitement of not knowing whats inside, followed by the excitement over what is actually inside.

  9. This is a brilliant concept – fun as kids love receiving post and to top it there is the surprise element too.

  10. This looks abosuletly fantastic! My son is in a special autism school (home at weekends) so to have these arrive for him would be fab! never seen them before.. my daughter would equally love..thanks for the chance great comp! x

  11. Seeing kids eyes light up with excitement as they open their mystery boxes can now be for anytime of the year and not reserved for Xmas and birthdays!

  12. What appeals to me is the surprise of not knowing what’s in it. I would have loved to have got a mystery box like this when I was a kid.

    Having said that, as a parent I would need to be sure it was going to be suitable for my kids’ ages and personalities, so some degree of parental discretion would be useful. It’s helpful that they have a choice of boxes as that does narrow it down.

  13. the surprise of not knowing what you will get ! it would be lovely to get these on a friday to do over the weekend!

  14. Its a great idea .. the kids love getting things through the post. Anything you do already have could be put away for birthday gifts.

  15. Sarah Archibald

    I know my daughter would love the surprise aspect of it and having a delivery especially for her to look forward to.

  16. The mystery is what appeals to me, the anticipation and excitement of receiving and opening the parcel. My daughters would love it! 🙂

  17. i love the surprize aspect.knowing that the gifts inside are safe and suitable for my child.wonderful idea x

  18. I love the idea of this pack so children will get a surprise every month. So they will try activities that they may not choose to buy themselves.

  19. Getting something in the post and not knowing what it is is really appealing. I know my 4 year old daughter would find this to be so much fun!

  20. I love the idea of this, it’s such a nice little treat box for kids. I think that’s what I like most really, there are so many beauty and food and flower sub boxes, it’s nice to have a toy one for kids!

  21. The suprise is great, it would be great as a gift for a child or your own child especially now the weather has changed and we’ll be spending more time indoors

  22. I like the element of anticipation. It’s sometimes a good lesson to learn that you sometimes need to wait for things to arrive and can’t have everything now!

  23. This a great idea, who doesn’t love a parcel through the post and when its contents are a surprise it makes it all the more exciting

  24. What appeals to me? That it is a MYSTERY box, so you don’t know what to expect. And that there may be items in the box that I wouldn’t think to buy myself but that may prove to be a hit with my children.

  25. I love how it’s a surprise box & these would probably make perfect gifts! I’d love the kids mystery box for my little boy 🙂

  26. I love the surprise aspect of this. everyone loves a nice surprise and It would be exciting finding out what could be in there.

  27. the excitement of unboxing a mystery parcel, we love mystery parcels in my family and to watch the look on my little grand daughters face would be great, a fab giveaway so fingers crossed for me but good luck to everyone.

  28. The surprise of it appeals to me. I know just the element of receiving a little parcel in the post and not knowing what is in it will make my daughter very excited. Plus with the variety I would be assured there is something in there she would definitely love.

  29. I love the surprise element of it. My daughter loves surprises and the range of activities and contents super appeals to us.

  30. Caroline Shepherd

    Looks like good quality stuff. If you’re not sure what a child would like, there’s bound to be at least one smash hit in there!

  31. something fun, something educational without a doubt something that will appeal to any child. And a surprise! who doesn’t love a surprise?

  32. Samantha Atherton

    I’d like that it’s a surprise, and my daughter would get things I might not usually consider buying her but which she might still enjoy.

  33. I love the way the products are quality and that it takes the worry out of finding ways to entertain your child.

  34. children’s gifts these dad are so predictable and often they’re dare i say it demanding this or that – so a nice element of surprise is healthy and a welcome change!

  35. The Excitement of opening the gift box and not knowing what is inside. Great surprise factor for myself as well as the kids. 🙂

  36. It gets the child excited as there are going to be some fab surprises for them and it shows them different ideas and aspects

  37. I like the fact they wont know whats coming and the fact they are getting something delivered whic they always love when something is especially for them.

  38. I love the idea of this! There are so many monthly gift boxes on the market aimed at adults, from make-up to alcohol and for every taste and hobby. This is such a fabulous idea, so that now my little ones can have a parcel delivered especially for them and I love that each and every month the parcel would be a total surprise!

  39. My girls absolutely adore getting mail address to them! If they opened up a surprise box their little faces would be beaming 😀

  40. My little girl would love one for her birthday on the 29th would make a lovely surprise anf would be great for a gift to buy a little one

  41. a great little treat that is a suprise for everyone! would love to recieve one and not know what our day will consist of!

  42. i think these are great because there are lots of different things for a child to enjoy whatever mood they were in.

  43. I love the surprise element, and the variety of products inside – which aren’t disappointing “plastic tat” either!

  44. I like that my son would be able to get a little surprise treat through the door every month that could get him excited and provide lots of fun after it is opened

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