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It’s MAD Blog Awards Time!

Voting opens today for the MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards, in association with Parentdish.

As a relatively new blogger, I wasn’t around paying attention to this last year, but I am now! I read and delight in so many blogs, that I will definitely be getting involved. Apparently, last year there were 150,000 nominations, so it’s a big deal! After the nomination round, there are voting rounds and then the finals! All good fun and a great chance to recognise the hard work many bloggers put in, with both their writing and reader engagement.

I know how fun blogging is now, and I also know how many hours can go into it – thinking up ideas, writing posts, promoting them, responding to comments, joining in with the blogging community and supporting other bloggers, too. If there are awards to be awarded, I want to help people get them, and if you’ve a few minutes spare, please do the same, as I’m sure your favourite bloggers would appreciate it.

I’m about to sit down with a cuppa and work through the voting form, giving some blog love and nominating those that I enjoy reading the most. And if anyone wants to pop a vote my way, well thank you very much 😉

MAD Blog Awards

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