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Introducing Pink Pig & a Give-Away

We’re moving into the third month of #BringBackPaper now. I do so love having a papery indulgence on the blog every Wednesday (you can read other #BBP posts here), and it’s been great to be finding so many other paper fans out there, too. So, I thought it’d be good to kick off this month with a little papery activity…

To Do: It’s nice and simple. Send some paper out into the world. It can be whatever you like, to whomever you like. Perhaps a little cheer up card, a gift of a book to a friend, posting a letter, sending a note and some recent family photos to a relative, or a stationery gift. All I ask is that you do it this month and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram with the #BringBackPaper hash tag. It’ll make you smile, and, I hope, make the recipients day a little brighter 🙂

And now onto the main feature of the day, as we hear from Mabel, the lady behind Pink Pig, and she has a rather lovely give-away, too…

Tell us a little about Pink Pig
Pink Pig is my company. I publish greeting cards featuring my own illustrations, and I now sell the cards directly to retail outlets.
The designs I create for Pink Pig are fun to design. I try to blend contemporary illustration with a touch of humour, aimed at the design savvy customer.

How did the business come about?
I’m an illustrator based in Edinburgh, and I’ve been creating illustrations for clients worldwide for a long time – creating everything from perfume packaging to book covers, and I have sold designs to many card companies over the years. The cards were always the product I most loved working on, but it was sometimes frustrating that I had to work within publishers guidelines and briefs, and the images were never 100% ‘me’ as I always had someone else to please.
So Pink Pig was born out of a desire to break away from client restraints and deadlines, and create cards and gifts that I’d like to buy myself. So I began by producing my own card range and launched it only this January at a trade fair. Things have moved pretty quickly since then, and I’m so relieved to say my first orders into shops are selling well, and I’m currently working on a brand new range.

425x425 (1)What would you say is your favourite design/product?
I still love one of my first cards. He’s called’ Big Mack’ – a hunky Scotsman with muscles, tattoos, and a cheeky grin!

What projects and designs are you working on at the moment?
A brand new Illustration card range with more occasion cards included, due to retailer requests.
I am also involved in a very exciting charity initiative. 12 artists have donated their artwork /photographs to a Christmas card project in which the charity (Action Medical Research – a children’s charity) receive 100% from the sales of the cards. I think it’s pretty unheard of as usually the charities who benefit from Christmas cards sales only receive about 2 pence per card! The Christmas cards wont be on sale until September when they will go on-line and I will be selling direct, too.

425x425What are your current best sellers?
‘Hoots Mon’ Red and White tartan owl card, and my Scottie dog card are my best selling designs at the moment.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?
Photography is my passion, and it’s how I relax best.
I also love talking walks through Holyrood Park, near my home and I try and climb ‘Arthur’s Seat’ (an extinct volcano!) in the park at least a couple of times in the week. It clears my head, and I always think of new ideas for cards. So I suppose it’s not really a break from work!
I avoid telly pretty much, but I do love settling down to either a film, or a favourite TV series for an hour in the evening with the family. Our recent addiction was ‘Breaking Bad’ – I felt so lost when it finished!

Thank you so much, Mabel. Lovely to find out all about Pink Pig and sounds like you’ve some exciting projects coming up, too. I do like nosing about in your shop, too! You can find PinkPig on Facebook here.

Mabel has kindly offered us a great giveaway, too, so I have the following prizes available for two winners:

Each winner will receive a notebook, and I’ve 1 owl design and 1 peacock design available.


200x200500x500And then one card pack each (there are 4 cards in each pack) and 1 will be the photographic pack ‘Scotpics’ and 1 will be the illustration pack of cards ‘Hootenanny’. The winners can choose the 4 designs for each pack, which you can find here.

So to be in with a chance of winning a rather lovely Pink Pig bundle, simply use the rafflecopter below. UK entrants only, and you have until 3rd July 2014 to enter. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I do hope you enjoyed hearing from Mabel and discovering her range. And I’d love you to join me and get some paper out there this week – will you? I do hope so, fellow paper fans!

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