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I’m Going to Be a Student

For those of you that may have missed me musing over this one, I am going to be a student once more. I am excited, and nervous, and worrying about fitting it all in. But mostly, I am excited.

Like many teens, I’d planned to go to university after my ‘A’ levels, and had a place at Warwick Uni, but life doesn’t always go to plan, does it? Anyway, I decided a few years later I wanted to get my degree, so I looked around and I started studying with the Open University. It suited me to study this way so that I could still work, and the Husband and I were just about to move in together, too. It was really flexible, distance learning, but with support on hand. I like to learn like this. I like to absorb materials, write essays, cram for the exams, and I like that initial delivery of texts and course materials, as I’m eager to get stuck in!

I remember this all fondly, but though I was working full time, I did not have the kids, with one still at home with me. Or this blog, which I consider to be my work, albeit part time. I know people do do this with full time jobs and families, so I am confident that all will be well, and honestly, I just feel I have to try it anyway.

As the modules that I completed were quite some time ago (Maths and World Religions – I know, quite a difference!) I need to get going on the other 4 modules that I now need to complete my degree, in order for them to still be counted towards it. I had planned to get back into it when Little Man starts school which is a little over 2 years away, but my old work will have expired by then, and I am loathe to lose a third of my degree that way. So I have enrolled once more, and my student life is about to recommence.

It’s important for me to get this, for me. I can’t tell you what I will do with it yet (I’m not withholding secret information here, I genuinely don’t yet know!). I will be studying OU course A200: Exploring History: Medieval to Modern 1400-1900, and I suspect after this one I will stick with History and/or Religion modules. They were my favourite subjects at school, and I’ve remained interested in them throughout my life.

I’ve ordered my set books in readiness, and they’ve arrived recently. I thought if I got a head start on them (the course starts in October) and have a look at other texts, documentaries and source materials in preparation, it might take some of the pressure off when I do start. Just a theory for now, but worth a go, I think.

OU study books

Anyway, it feels like quite a big thing. It’s going to be a big part of my life soon so I’ll no doubt keep you updated on my journey along the way. Wish me luck!

Have you any experiences like this? I would love to hear how you got on, and feel free to throw any tips my way!

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