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I’m An Agony Aunt!

Yes, you read that right, someone has come to me for advice, I am now an agony aunt!

The team over at More Than contacted me recently asking me if I’d like to get involved in their new Agony Aunt feature. Unsure whether I would actually be able to help people, I tentatively said yes thinking that it would be good to give it a try at least.

I honestly did not know what to expect, though I had a good idea that I would be helping people with household problems, rather than any emotional issues. So I popped my practical advice hat on.

After confirming I would take part, I received the question that More Than wanted me to answer for one of their customers. That’s when I started to wonder whether this was such a good idea, as the question was all around how best to clean a barbecue. Not that stretching, I hear you thinking, but for someone that has never even owned a barbecue, let alone expertly cleaned it, it was going to be a challenge to help out! Ah well, I was keen to assist, so I decided that Google would be my friend and I would be learning something new.

Then as luck would have it, a couple of days before I was due to sit down and give my advice, More Than dropped me an email asking whether they could possibly change my question and gave me a list of 4-5 others that they needed answering. Phew! Not a problem at all, I very happily switched my question. I then opted to give advice around how best to keep a car in top condition when it will be left standing. Here’s my answer over at More Than if you’re curious.

Now, I will hold my hands up and say that I am not an expert on cars at all, but what I am is the daughter of a mechanic. Yep, my dad owns a garage and so it’s him that I owe this advice to as I sent over the question to him and got the tips back – thanks very much, Dad! I guess he’s the real Agony Uncle in this one.

So thanks to More Than for inviting me to be a part of this, it was fun to do and nice to be able to help.

Would you fancy a career as an Agony Aunt?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with More Than


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