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Home Interiors Projects Update

I shared with you a couple of months ago our home interiors plans for 2019. Well, we’ve been pushing on with them and working hard to complete them. Nothing motivates you more to get projects done than a deadline, and the imminent arrival of our new puppy is that deadline! It all started with the huge decluttering mission and since then it’s been one thing after the next. So today I thought I’d share an update with you, as we tick things off the list one by one.

The Living Room

This is definitely the biggest project we are undertaking. And we are getting there. We managed to choose and order some new sofas and they should be arriving next month. We spent a while pondering wall colours and then decided to go for the dark blue feature wall. That’s on now, and it was a labour of love as it took four coats to get that one right. We also now have new lighting, curtains, cushions and throws and we have gone with a wooden look floor and rug instead of carpet. We have moved furniture about from elsewhere in the house, put new shelves up and bought an array of accessories. It has been all go! I think, I believe, that we are pretty much all set in there now and waiting for our sofas to arrive.

Here’s a sneak peek, I’ll share more when it’s all done…

The Hall, Stairs and Landing

The plan for this area was to repaint it all white to freshen it up again and then sand the floor and add a clear varnish. Well, we’ve now completed all of the paining, walls and woodwork, and we have moved some furniture around in there to make better use of the space. We have moved the stereo there freeing up space in the kitchen as we plan to move a sofa into there. I think we’ll be also putting our puppy’s crate in the hallway, as I think it will just fit and it’s a nice area away from drafts or direct sunlight so he shouldn’t feel too hot or cold. We just need to sand the floor down and varnish it now, which I suspect will be the last thing that we get around to doing as it’s the least urgent. It doesn’t affect anything else, we just want to do it as we think it’ll look lovely.

The Home Office/Playroom

This one is done! It actually only took me a few days to sort this one, including getting the furniture and accessories that I needed. This is very much my space so this has been my own project and I have enjoyed doing it. It’s all complete, you can take a look at my new home office here.

Little Man’s Bedroom

I think we are going to delay the plastering of this room for as long as we can. Due to both the disruption and the expense. I think what we will do is paint one of his walls to create a feature wall, which will also tidy it up and give it a brighter look. My boy has been asking for a blue bedroom, so it seems that the wall will soon be blue! It shouldn’t take too long to do this, I just need to get the paint and set aside a few hours to do it.

Boo’s Bedroom

This room wasn’t in need of much, but my girl wanted and needed a new bed. That is now in there and she absolutely loves it! It has really changed the feel of the room as being a mid-sleeper bed it has created plenty of storage space so the room seems tidier and larger now. I shared all about the bed that we were sent for review last month, the Noa & Nani Sleep Station Cabin Bed.

Our Bedroom

In here, I have abandoned all hopes of changing the carpet! But what I have done, is get new soft furnishings in there, just little things like new curtains, duvet sets, laundry basket and bedside lamp and I now love the room again. The accent colour in there is now a dusky pink, against the darker colours and it just feels so cosy and comfortable in there. It was an easy one to do once I’d chosen what I wanted, and it really has made such a difference to the room.

The Kitchen

The plan is definitely going to be to put a sofa in here and a footstool, as that will allow me to get rid of some of the storage that is currently in place. Of course, I need our new living room sofas to arrive before I can move one of our existing sofas into the kitchen. I am daydreaming of sitting in there on my sofa, snuggled up with my dog and a good book…

That’s where we are at now. I do feel that we have got lots done and made more progress than I had expected to have by this time. We’ll see how much more we can done before that puppy arrives to take up all of my time (and destroy all of our good work?!).

What do you think?


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