Hiding & Seeking

Little Man is understanding more and more, seemingly every day. And something that he understands very well, is playing Hide and Seek. He knows the name of the game, and as soon as he hears it, he runs off to hide, scampering off as fast as his little legs will carry him, giggling and gurgling with glee. There are sometimes the ‘hides’ where he drops to the ground and cover his eyes, because of course, we totally can’t see him then. But on the whole, he’s actually quite good at it! Way better than his sister was at this age, as he hides somewhere and stays totally silent while he waits to be found, something that Boo didn’t master until quite recently, as she always has to making noise, it seems! His favourite place, by far, is behind the kitchen door, sneaked cosily in by the cupboards. It was there that he chose to hide when his big sister was searching him out the other day…..


It’s an adorable game to watch them play together, and it never gets old either, for them to play, or for me to watch. Though of course, I invariably get involved in the fun, too. You can’t resist these pair of gigglers when they get going! These are the playful moments that I want to treasure and remember.

Do your little ones love this game, too?

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