Hello There, Little Lamb

We’ve been on holiday, staying at the wonderful Coombe Mill in Cornwall. It’s been a holiday packed full of adventures, explorations and fun. The children have absolutely adored it, and I’ve so much about it to share with you, that I’m breaking it down, bit by bit!

The first story that comes to mind is a special one. We were out on the morning feed run on Tuesday, when we spotted that one of the sheep had had a little lamb over night. We all went on up to see how mother and baby were doing, and Farmer Nick informed us that by the looks of things, the lamb could only have been born in the last few hours. It was lovely watching them there together, with the little lamb wobbling about on her legs. Nick suggested we move them both down to the lower field, where it was safer from foxes, and he felt there may still be another lamb due to be born. So, a fellow holiday-maker grabbed the sheep and we all made to walk down to the field with the little lamb following along.

As we started to walk, there was a shout of ‘oh, look, she’s just had another one’, and there was another little white and black lamb right there on the floor in front of us! I have to say I was impressed that the mum was just about to be man-handled down to another field whilst in the final throes of labour, and made no sound or protestations at all! So we all backed away a little and gave the new little family some space.


It was amazing, seeing how mum knew just what to do, clearing her lamb’s airways first, then licking him clean and nurturing him. We left them to bond, and continued on to feed the goats and donkeys, and as we were riding back, little one was already up on his feet – animals are so much more impressive than humans!

Sadly, the following day when we went back, the mother had rejected her first born, and was refusing to allow her to feed and kept nudging her out of the shelter and away from her. She is thriving, though, in the warmth of Coombe Mill’s farmhouse, so hopefully she will be fine.

We’re assured that the feed run has never seen a live birth before, so we felt very privileged and were so fortunate with our timing. It was a special moment.

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