Harry and the Heat

I’m sharing this post as part of the new What’s the Story? linky over at PODCastDove. I wanted to share a photo from this week with you.

We’ve all been loving this weather. I like the sun (I’m a huge flip flop and ice cream fan, so now is my time…!), the children are enjoying getting out into the garden and playing in the paddling pool, and the husband is also a mite cheerier. However, there is one member of the Reading Residence who has not been quite so happy about it…



Look at him – his tongue’s even poking out he’s so hot..:-( He has spent his time slowly roaming around, flopping down wherever he can find shade or a cool floor and he has definitely been the worse sleeper in the house. But then, he is ‘wearing’ a lot more than the rest of us. At least I know someone here will be happy when the rain makes a return…..!

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