Halowave Air Cooker Deluxe Review & Giveaway

I had heard about air cookers. Oh, I’d heard wonderful things. So when JML got in touch with me asking whether I’d like to try out their Halowave Air Cooker Deluxe, I jumped at the chance. I really wanted to try one out, so read on to find out how I am getting on with it. And even better, I have one up for grabs too…

Halowave Aircooker Deluxe

Halowave Air Cooker Deluxe

Rotisserie Spindle for juicy joints, self-basted kebabs and evenly-roasted veg
Air-fry with little or no oil for healthy, but crispy results
Instant cooking without pre-heating
Roast, grill, bake, fry, even slow-cook on your worktop
Digital timer with ‘delay’ function that cooks while you’re away
Dishwasher safe
Cooks up to 46% quicker than a conventional oven

How It Works

It’s easy to unpack and get cooking. Everything just needs a clean and you’re good to go. The Halowave Aircooker Deluxe comes with all items pictured, along with a cylindrical basket for chips and the like, as you’ll see further down.

The controls are all on the top and are simple to use. You set the temperature, time, rotate where applicable and press start. It does not need to be preheated, you put the food in and set it cooking.

We’ve tried cooking chips, adding nothing to them and they came out lovely and crispy, within 30 minutes. I’m going to try them with a little paprika next time, yum.

And from the cookbook, a lemon chicken. This tasted so good! So moist, and it cooked in just one hour. The spindle goes through it along with forks which then pops into a slot and hole inside the cooker. This enabled the chicken to rotate and make it nice and juicy.

My Thoughts

I am finding this to be incredibly easy to use. I am not one to get excited over new gadgets generally as all I see is that I need to spend a while figuring out how to use it. I do not like lengthy instruction manuals! The Aircooker has a clear manual with it, and once it’s out of the box and cleaned, it really is ready to go.

It is quite a large appliance, which is great as it means you can fit decent sized meals in it, but not so good if you have little room in your kitchen. I have quite a lot of worktop space, so haven’t struggled to accommodate it, but if you haven’t, I will say it takes up quite a bit of room. That said, if you use it regularly, it will be well worth the room that it takes up.

Everything can be popped in the dishwasher after use, and I keep the accessories inside the Aircooker when it’s not in use. It’s quite self contained like that, and practical to use. As mentioned, it cooks things more quickly than a conventional oven which is very handy when the kids are hungry! I also like that it comes with a cookbook as this has given me an idea of what I can cook in there, which to be honest, seems to be most things.

This is my first and only experience with an air cooker so I cannot possibly compare it to any others, but I can say that I am happy with its ease of use, the food that it cooks and its sleek appearance. I am already looking forward to trying something else in it.

Competition Time!

I do have one Halowave Aircooker Deluxe up for grabs now. To be in with the chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 12th March 2018. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What appeals to you about the Halowave Aircooker Deluxe?

Disclosure: I received this product FOC for the purpose of this post

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