The Haircut

Boo does not enjoy getting her haircut, but I persuaded her it’d be a good idea, as it would mean we could go, just us girls, on a ‘girls trip’. She’s a fan of a girls only outing, so she did start looking forward to it then.


After the cut, she was very cute, preening herself and swishing her hair about. She was desperate to show off her new look to Daddy. Unfortunately, we encountered a bit of traffic on the short journey home. She started panicking. ‘Its OK, we’ll be home soon’ I reassured her, assuming she was worried we’d be late for our play date that afternoon. ‘But will my hair grow while I’m stuck here, and I won’t be able to show Daddy?’

Either her hair has miraculously fast growing properties, or she was seriously pessimistic about that traffic jam!

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