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Getting Started with Brush Lettering

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the Husband has decided to take up a new papery hobby, brush lettering. He’s always enjoyed typography, fonts, designing colour combinations, hand lettering and so on, so this does seem like a natural choice for him.

For me, I admire it but I’m not a neat writer at the best of times so am not drawn to this one, though I have to say watching him practice and create does tempt me to have a go myself. Maybe when he’s out I’ll sneak a try!

Anyway, if you fancy giving this a go, it’s easy enough to get started, so here I’ll share with you the supplies that will help you, how to get going and then who to check out for inspiration.

The Kit

Brush Lettering Kit

These are all from Amazon, so just click on the links and they’ll take you through for more details and reviews:

Tombow Dual Brushpens 12 Pens Primary

Tombow ABT 4-in-1 Blending Pen Kit

Rhodia No18 Dot Stapled Pad – Orange

Pilot 3.8mm Parallel Pen (Pack of 1)

Having a Go

So you have all of this beautiful new stationery and you don’t want to mess it up? I get like that, too! Just try it, use a few pages for getting a feel for the pens, the paper, favourite colour combinations and so on.

Once you are happy with using the pens, you can start working on your lettering. These free downloadable letter sheets are a great place to start:

Letter Sheets

The Inspiration

Instagram has got to be the go-to place for regular brush lettering inspiration. Search for ideas through tags such as #brushlettering #handlettering #brushtype #madebyhand #handmadefont or follow some of these accounts to be sure of a beautiful feed:

A photo posted by Gosha Bondarev (@goshawaf) on

A photo posted by Novia Jonatan (@novia_jonatan) on

A photo posted by Lauren Hom (@homsweethom) on

A photo posted by Abda M. Laka (@abdalaka) on

A photo posted by Lise (@kaosyoga_lettering) on

They are all so pretty! Many of them share videos as they share their tips and creations. They are so relaxing to watch and I often lose the Husband to these now!

What do you think? Could this be a hobby for you?

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Getting Started with Brush Lettering


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