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My Garden in June

I’ve been out in the garden weeding, pruning, mowing and training. It’s all growing so quickly at the moment, and it seems like every couple of days, there are new things blooming or needing dead-heading or looking after. It’s lovely to wander around and admire the colour, though I’ve been less pleased with little creatures taking bites out of my beloved roses – finally I’m getting why my mum’s moaned about garden pests, as I do now actually care! Anyway, this is how it’s looking this week…

My sweet peas are finally coming up…

Garden June14 6

Things are happening in my pots collection…

Garden June 14 1

And my cut flower patch is thriving, so I’m eager to see some blooms next month…

Garden June 14 7

And then there is colour popping up all over the place…

Garden June14 2

Garden June 14 4

Garden June14 3

Garden June14 7

Garden June14 5

Garden June14 4

As regular readers will know, this gardening thing is still all pretty new to me, but now that I’ve been working on it for nearly a year, I feel I’m starting to really get it. I find myself reading gardening magazines, looking forward to trips to beautiful gardens (I’ve a gorgeous one to share with you next week) and making notes of flowers and plants that I’d like in my garden. But the thing that is really occupying my thoughts at the moment is positioning of my plants. This is new to me! Over the last year I’ve worked hard on getting the layout and the structure of the garden as I wanted it, and as my interest has grown, I’ve enjoyed adding new shrubs and flowers to it. However, I now want to take everything out and put it all back in again in different places! With so much of it flowering, I know that now is not the time, so I’m starting to use my garden journal to make notes on what’s flowering where and when, and where I’d like to move things to. Some plants are leaning forward trying to reach the sunlight and are a little too shaded, some areas feel overcrowded in an uncontrolled kind of way, and some things are just plain wrong! Take this bed, for example…

Garden June 14

It’s nearest to the house and so I wanted to put all of my favourite things in there so I could see them easily! Amongst other things, there are alliums, a peony, an acer, knautia, and that geranium has grown and grown! It now means it’s too full and despite having 3 roses in it, you can barely see them. This bed will be my priority come autumn.

I’ve never looked at it all like this before, so it seems I’m taking my gardening to the next level. And surely this is the fun one? Well, I’m enjoying it!

How about you? Do you want to move things around, or have you got it where you want it all out there?

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