Fuller’s Earth Cream Review

This is one of my earliest blog posts, simply because I am that enthusiastic about this product! ‘What is it?’ I hear you cry. The latest gadget, fab toy, brilliant day out? Nope, it’s a cream for nappy rash. This is hands down the BEST nappy rash solution that we have ever used. It turned a sore, bleeding bottom into smooth skin within a day. Importantly, it also did not hurt my baby in any way, as it doesn’t sting at all. So read on, and find out more in my Fuller’s Earth Cream review..

Our Nappy Rash Story

Little Man had terrible nappy rash in his first 2-3 weeks of life. It was unexpected, as Boo didn’t suffer until she was much older, and then only rarely and it quickly cleared up with a little Sudocrem. So we applied the Sudocrem, but not only did it not work, it clearly stung him, too. I didn’t know it did, as Boo had no problem, but I tried some on my sore, cracked knuckles – excessive hand washing does that to me, and lots of nappy changes means excessive hand washing! and it did sting.

I spent some time Googling trying to find something that would work – nappy free time, bepanthen, lansinoh, and of course we’d reverted to just cotton wool and water (again, wipes didn’t affect baby Boo, so I didn’t think they would cause problems for Little Man), and nothing worked. We switched to Pampers sensitive wipes, which seemed the best for him, Huggies & Tesco nappies, which seemed to help a little, but he was still so sore.

Get Fuller’s Earth Cream Here

Then I found it.

Fullers Earth Cream.

My miracle cream! I quite literally cannot recommend this stuff highly enough. His rash was awful, red raw as he pooed teeny bits all the time, so would often nap on it, making it so much worse, the dribbly little bottom. Within hours of using this, I saw improvements and within 2 days, the rash was completely gone.


As well as clearing the nappy rash up so quickly, it is also easy to apply as he doesn’t react to it going on. It doesn’t sting at all, so you can put lashings of the stuff on if it’s quite bad and know that you are offering immediate relief rather than more discomfort.

It’s also great on my hands, and dry skin and I now wouldn’t ever be without it. It’s my Windex product – if you’ve seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you’ll know what I’m on about! It’s not often stocked in the supermarkets, for some reason, but I order mine from Amazon as it’s always stocked there. We are never without it.

UPDATE! Sep ’13:

I want to update you on another great success for Fuller’s’! Boo has had a red rash on her chin for the past few weeks, largely because she keeps on licking it, and I suspect many children get this from time to time. A tricky one to sort as she’ll still lick it as the habit is now formed. We’d been using Vaseline on it to form a barrier and because that’s helped her with rashes in the past. Well, it was getting worse, and for some ridiculous reason, we’d yet to put any Fuller’s on it (despite us having several jars around the house!). I started putting it on her on Wednesday and Thursday, as she’s not at preschool on those days so I could pop it on every few hours, after eating and so forth, and I’m delighted to report that by the time she went to preschool yesterday, the rash was totally gone. Thank you, again, Fuller’s Earth Cream.

UPDATE! May ’16:

Still love it! OK, we are now through the nappy days and this cream never, ever failed us. I now use this on my hands whenever they get cracked and sore and am never without it in the house as it’s my catch-all product for any dry or sore skin.

UPDATE! June ’18:

I still wouldn’t be without this. We often use it now for Little Man around his mouth as when he concentrates at school he often licks his lips and comes home with them all red and sore around his chin and upper lip. I pop Fuller’s Earth Cream on it a couple of times before bed and again at bedtime and it’s cleared by morning.

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