Elfie’s Christmas Letters

We have started Christmas shopping, we’ve made arrangements for the day itself and I have my cards ready. Christmas is now on my mind, and I’m always looking at ways to make it special for the children, of course.

At the start of December, we put our tree and decorations up, the advent calendars come out and Marty, our elf, arrives. Well this year, we’re adding an extra bit of magic into the mix, as the children will be receiving Elfie’s Christmas Letters every day, up until Christmas Eve.

The letters are supplied by the International Elf Service, all personalised, priced at £35 with free delivery worldwide. They are a series of updates from Elfie, addressed to your children, on the various shenanigans happening in the North Pole in the run up to Christmas…

There’s more going on at the North Pole than toy production and present wrapping. Have you ever wondered what adventures the elves get up to on the lead up to Christmas when they’re not in the workshop?

Elfie’s borrowed Father Christmas’ computer and some special paper to give children the latest news direct from the North Pole as they prepare for the Big Delivery on Christmas Eve.

…the elves are easily distracted, rather clumsy and cause huge amounts of mess. Mucking out the reindeer, baking biscuits, polishing sleigh bells and mending damaged uniforms. They’re always busy but nothing ever seems to go smoothly…

Now as you know, I’m a huge fan of stationery and snail mail, so this definitely appeals to me. My daughter has her very own post box which she checks eagerly every single day, hoping for some happy mail. This is right up our street, and I can’t wait to share it with her. I can see her reading the letters aloud to her little brother, and to bring it all together, we’ve also got our letters addressed to our own elf, Marty.

The letters are beautifully packaged, and come with instructions, including the best way to fold them up. The paper and the envelopes are a lovely quality, nice and thick, and every single envelope and letter is personally addressed (I’ve covered their names in the photos, but they are all there). But enough rambling on about them, let me show you them….

Elfie's Christmas Letters

The box was so prettily packaged, I almost didn’t want to open it! A simple yet effective look. But of course I did open it, and inside were the 24 letters, 24 envelopes, a certificate and a map…

Elfie's Christmas Letters1

Elfie's Christmas Letters2

Elfie's Christmas Letters3

The letters are all addressed to both of the kids and their elf, Marty. They’re fun, with quirky details and pretty illustrations on every single one..

Elfie's Christmas Letters Images

They are gorgeous. I am really looking forward to sending these each day, and I can already picture the excitement on Boo’s face when she receives them. A magical gift.

What do you think?

Disclosure: We received the letters FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own

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