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So is it as Easy as Riding a Bike?

I wrote a couple of weeks ago sharing the news that I am getting back on the saddle, after many, many years.

The team at Halfords have supplied me with a brand new bike to see how I get on with cycling again after all of these years.

I have an Apollo Elyse hybrid bike. It’s lightweight, practical and I love the design. So without further ado, let me show you around my new bike and share with you my first bike ride in over twenty years…..

Yes, I can still do it! Which did surprise me, truth be told, as it has been some time. I found myself feeling a bit unsure making sharp turns and I really need to get used to making the gear changes, but at least I stayed upright and it moved in the direction I wanted to go, so I am calling that a win.

From this first foray into cycling as an adult, I’ve three initial observations to make.

– Trousers and trainers are the way to go. During the summer I am a skirt and flip flops kind of girl, but I’m pretty certain that my skirt would have hindered me and got caught up and I did feel my trainers gripping on the pedals – I just don’t think flip flops would have been as effective!

– It’s a lot easier than running. I can go further and for longer periods of time on my bike without getting out of breath and turning into a hot, sweaty mess. This definitely appeals.

– I should not have bought a house on a hill.

Yes, this is disturbing me. You see, after my first little attempt there, I am now keen to give this cycling thing a shot and in order to do that, I need to leave the house. To go on the outing I filmed we all popped to a local park together and the Husband put my bike in his van, so it was very easy. However, I’d like to go out for rides alone and to do this I need to get off my road, but whichever way I go it is a hill. A very, very steep hill the one way and that’s the way to a beautiful park. Hmm, walk it up? Or move house? What do you think?!

Whatever I decide, I am determined to get out and cycle again, so I’ll let you know how I get on going it alone and going off on a proper bike ride round the park. Fingers crossed I can get further than my road!

Do you cycle?

Halfords Apollo Elyse Bike

Disclosure: I’m working in collaboration with Halfords on this campaign


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