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Do You Read Or Are You A Reader?

Do you read or are you a reader?

I think there’s a difference, you see.

My Husband reads, whereas I am a reader.

I am a reader. I have to have a book on the go at all times. I often have the book near me. I love walking into a bookshop and can rarely pass one without going in for a little browse. I am familiar with a huge amount of authors, and will often have a good idea of the newest titles, the book that everyone is talking about. If I have a birthday coming up, I am thinking about the books I could ask for, if I have spare money, I am perusing Amazon to see what I could order. My bookshelves are bowing so I couldn’t be happier.

The Husband reads pretty much every night, has done for the last few years since I managed to convince him that reading is a good thing and not just something you had to do at school. He tends to read on a Kindle, though recently he has been reading a few of my books. He probably gets through a dozen or so books every year, so he definitely reads a decent amount. But he would never choose to spend time in bookshops (though he does, of course, he’s a very patient and understanding husband!) he would never have books in his head that he really wants to get next and he stores most of his on a Kindle or would pass them on immediately. He does not own a book in our home, whereas I? I own a few…

I think there are a few little reading habits that distinguish readers from those who read:

When asked what book they are reading, there will always be an answer. It’s not a question of ‘if’ they are reading, it’ll simply be ‘what’ they are reading.

Their book will often move around the house with them, or out and about. This is not one to stay on the bedside table, it will be read at any moment during the day where possible.

They will have a book or two in their mind that they are keen to read soon.

They will have an ever-growing To Be Read pile. They have lots to read, but they will buy just one more…and one more….!

They will be able to put together an imaginary literary dinner party guest list for you. I’d say it’ll take them mere moments, but actually, it might take them a while as they whittle down choices from 30-40 to just a dozen favourite characters. And then they will have to think about who should be seated by whom, what the setting should be, the menu – oh yes, they’ll know their characters preferences.

They will struggle to walk passed a bookshop without at least glancing at the window display.

And never, never ask them their favourite author or book. It cannot be answered!

Do you read or are you a reader? Do you think there’s a difference?


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