Djeco Collage Kits – Review

Boo was very excited recently to win a drawing competition, over at This Mummy Loves. The theme was ‘movies’ so she drew Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel (complete with Pascal!) and Smurfette. She enjoyed every moment, of course, and will be entering again this month, with the theme of ‘Halloween’ – why not get your little ones involved if they like to draw., too?

Anyway, the prize was a Djeco collage kit, and we both enjoyed it so much, that I’ve decided to review it here for you.



The kit box opens up to reveal 4 sturdy cardboard rectangles, each with a different animal on it for you to complete, and there are then corresponding envelopes full of the bits and pieces that you need to complete them. There’s a also a little step-by-step instruction book and a gluestick – everything you need!

Word to the wise here – closely supervise the opening of the box moment, as I foolishly turned my back for a moment and Boo had opened all of the envelopes and sprinkled the contents over the table. it took me several minutes to match them back up with their intended pictures…!

Once sorted again, it was really easy and lots of fun to do. Boo chose to do the bear first, and like taking control of the instruction book and she very carefully followed it all in order, concentrating to position each piece as in the picture.

djeco collage

Until she completed it all and could show off her masterpiece!


I would definitely recommend this as a great gift idea. Boo turned 4 last week, and this was perfect for her. She does like her crafting, wielding a glue-stick is always fun, it was good seeing her concentrate on all of the details and I was really impressed with the quality of the product and how easy to follow it was. My mother-in-law suggested that when we finish each of them, we should frame them, which I think is a lovely idea, so they’ll be up on the playroom wall soon 🙂

Have you tried these? If not, do think they’d be up your little one’s street?

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