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Diggerland Fun

When we were away in Somerset, we thought we’d take advantage of our location and pay a visit to Diggerland. I’d heard about them, and there are 4 in England, but they are all quite a long way from us here in Birmingham, so we’d not got round to going. Time to remedy that…

The first thing that Boo and Little Man ran off to when we got there was the big outdoor play area…

diggerland play area

diggerland play areas

And then 5 year old Boo took her 2 year old brother for a drive! They both enjoyed that, though the Husband and I found it a little disconcerting to see our daughter driving our son around at such a young age. It wasn’t on a track, so yes, she did get stuck off-roading it a couple of times. The man operating it was really good at helping them, and watching them as they went round.

diggerland driving

We then went off to explore the rest of what Diggerland has to offer. There were the diggers that you went on and operated yourself, or with an adult if you’re too small…

diggerland dippy ducks

diggerland diggers

There are several versions of these smaller digger rides for you to have a go at, so you can try hooking a duck, knocking down skittles and digging for treasure. It wasn’t too busy the day that we visited so you pretty much had an unlimited amount of time to spend having a go on each of these. I assume on busy days that is limited, but it’s nice to see that that can be adapted to suit, and as long as no-one is waiting, you can play for some time.

You can then go on a big digger and dig out huge piles of mud! Little Man, at 2, needed the Husband to accompany him on most rides, but Boo, at 5, could go on them and operate them all on her own.

diggerland giant digger

diggerland fun

Little Man absolutely loved that dumper truck ride there. I think he’d have just gone on that one all day long! It goes quite slowly and is driven around a winding dirt track.

Then there are the rides that you can sit back and have fun on. The barrels go off for quite a long ride around the land, so as I waved Boo off, I hadn’t realised she’d be disappearing from me for a while. She’s fine with things like that, but for younger or less confident children, parents can ride on the carriage.

diggerland barrels

Diggerland Spindizzy

diggerland dig-a-round

So plenty of digging and smiles!

It’s not that big a place, with just one cafe, along with an indoor soft play area, but this was enough when we visited. We were there in the school holidays, but I think some schools were yet to break up, so whether it gets lots busier and the cafe gets packed, I don’t know. It was good service when we were there anyway.The staff all around the park, manning the rides, the shop and the cafe were friendly and polite and ever mindful of what was happening and checking on the children playing, which was good to see.

At the end of the visit, as we left through the gift shop, we picked up our free certificates, certifying Little Man and Boo as genuine Junior Digger Drivers – oh, how Boo treasures that certificate! I really liked that little extra touch.

I’d say Diggerland is definitely for you if you have a digger-mad little one. They will get to have the amazing experience of being able to drive and operate their own diggers, even from quite a young age, and as you can see, there are plenty of them. It’s a really unique experience for them. We thoroughly enjoyed our day there.

There are Diggerland‘s in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, if you fancy paying them a visit and having a dig about!

What do you make of it?

Disclosure: We received entry FOC for the purposes of this post, though all words and opinions remain my own

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