My Daughter, the Schoolgirl

My daughter, the schoolgirl. How has this happened already?!

My little Boo is no longer at home with me all day, she is now a schoolgirl. She spent a few afternoons there last week getting used to it, and from today, she is there full time. I feel kind of lost, to tell you the truth. Yes, I still have my Little Man at home with me, and we are enrolled to start several new classes and groups together this month, but it still feels so odd not to have my big baby with me, too. I know we’ll get used to it, get ourselves into new routines and habits, and I’m sure I’ve plenty of fun and learns ahead of me with my Little Man, who is nothing like his big sister! I suspect the days will fly by, and it’ll be half term in no time.

I wrote about our journey until this point last week, and when I look back over it, I’ve obviously seen so many changes in Boo over nearly 5 years, and yet, it feels like it’s happened in the blink of an eye. And now she’s at school, enjoying it and changing more every day, already. She seems so grown up, and I know she will thrive in a classroom, surrounded by new friends and play and learning materials all day long.

So aside from the sadness of having her apart from me and the excitement of seeing her embark on this new chapter, my overridingย emotion is one of pride. My girl is now a schoolgirl, and most importantly, she’s happy to be so.

boo starting school

Long may this love of school last, and here’s to our new adventures – for her as the schoolgirl, for me as the school mum!

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