Daddy and Little Man

I’m obviously biased, but I think the Husband is a wonderful daddy. Both kids adore him and he loves them above all else, of course. And I am so enjoying watching the father, son relationship develop….


Every evening when daddy’s due home, I let Little Man know, so he drops whatever he’s doing and runs excitedly to the window, shouting ‘Dadd-eee!’ He will clamber over anything to get there, and then the glee on his face when he spies him is just priceless. I know how much the Husband cherishes this, as Boo was never that child! She used to look up casually on his return home, or even worse, run away! Now that she’s older, she is more welcoming, but her reception can still be lukewarm these days – she’s a hard little thing! Whereas Little Man is so desperate to get to his daddy and wrap his little arms around him. A lovely welcome home, and a moment that I know the Husband adores, made all the more special because he’s had to wait until he’s had a second child to appreciate it!

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