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Pretty much since I started blogging last month, I’ve been joining up with Coombe Mill’s #CountryKids linky. It’s about getting outside to have some family fun, whether it be a day out at a farm, a stroll through the park, or just splashing in puddles in your back garden. It’s encouraged me to find new places to go each weekend, and get out and about in the week more, and we’ve probably had more picnics in the last month than we have in all of Boo’s lifetime! We’ve discovered several new parks that we now love, free farms to visit and we’ve had a brilliant time doing it.

It’s made a real difference to the time that we spend together of a weekend. It’s become great quality family time and has barely cost us anything. The first 2-3 times it felt like a concerted effort to get out to somewhere, whereas last Sunday, we decided to grab our things, make a few sarnies and jump in the car and try out a new park, before we met up with family late afternoon. I think that time would have been spent doing odd jobs about the house, playing with a few toys and generally ‘killing time’ until we were due round to my mum-in-laws, in weeks gone by. This was a much better way to spend our afternoon, and not just for the children, as I know that the husband and myself enjoy it all so much more now, too. It’s now becoming the norm to go out and do something like this, and I really think that’s how it should be. Even if just for an hour or so each weekend, as time goes so quickly, so it’s best to grab it and have some fun with it.

You can read about some of our trips by checking out the ‘Days Out’ and ‘Family Fun’ categories on the right there. But not every adventure has been recorded here, and not every photo shared, so I’ve put a few more together here, of Boo and Little Man’s outdoor fun…


Out and About

And the ultimate #CountryKids inspired move? We booked ourselves a brilliant outdoorsy, fresh air, back to nature holiday this week. We’ll be going in spring next year. Where to? Coombe Mill, of course!

What gets you out and about? I’d love to know your favourite family-time destination?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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