The Coombe Mill Feed Run

A highlight of our recent stay at Coombe Mill was the morning feed run. From Sunday through to Friday, Farmer Nick will be out there driving his tractor, with a trailer full of kids and holiday-makers being pulled along!

Boo loved it from the very first moment, but Little Man screamed when the tractor engine started up! No problem, he was carried on his first feed run, but by the end of the week, he was happily travelling in the trailer, too. Well, I say ‘too’, which implies Boo was with him, but more often than not, she was actually driving the tractor! All children are given the opportunity to sit with Farmer Nick and drive, but on our stay, only Boo was up for the challenge, so she pretty much drove every time we were out there. To say that she enjoyed that is something of an understatement, and I think everyone she’s met since our return from holiday is now well-aware that she drove a tractor!

tractor Boo

The animals that we got to visit and feed were, peacocks, sheep, chickens, pigs, goats, donkeys, deer and rabbits. The children loved to see them all. In fact, after that first day, Little Man would be knocking on our lodge door to get out in the morning, shouting ‘animals’ at us all! Boo tells me that the chickens were her favourite, as she enjoyed running about checking for and collecting the eggs. Most days there were 12-15 eggs, and so each day, we were able to take a couple back with us as there were only 4 families staying there – I do love eggs, and these were yummy!


Little Man liked making the animal noises for all of them, the Husband liked the deer as they were so very springy as they bounced down the field for their food, and Boo really enjoyed feeding the little lamb (you can read my story about seeing a lamb being born that week here)

coombe mill2

And me? I liked the sense of freedom, the beautiful outdoor space and watching my family having a fabulous time.

coombe mill 1

Lots of outdoor fun, that was just magical to be a part of, delighting in watching the kids’ faces light up. And I would advise that you’ll get muddy doing this. There are free coveralls to use in reception, and we made sure we took a couple of washing tabs, as our lodge had a washing machine, which was very handy – kids fall over a lot in mud, it seems…!

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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