Climbing and Adoring


I adore this photo. My two little beauties, clearly ‘needing’ to get a little closer to see the TV πŸ˜‰

Boo climbs, clambers, and lounges all over the furniture and chairs. Leaping off the sofa onto the floor, is clearly a brilliant game, though I’m not sure she’s even that aware she’s on a chair here – she’d have done it subconsciously to get closer to Tickety Toc. She would definitely have been oblivious of her little brother, scampering about around her.

Now in his case, he definitely knows he’s climbing. He revels in every single climb. In this past week, he’s figured out to move that little chair from the playroom to any other part of the house and use it as a handy step (handy for him, not me). So he can now access a whole new level, which makes for a whole new level of challenges for me! I found him at the breakfast bar trying to reach his milk, at the sink swishing his hands around, and of course, if he can stand on a chair, why not progress to the table, so yes, found him there, too.

While being a little scary to watch and making my job that bit harder, it is lovely to see him in this new stage of his development, and the reason I adore this photo? He just wanted to copy his sister, as he absolutely worships her, and he really couldn’t have got his chair any closer to hers, could he?

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