Siblings September 2018

Little Man is now 6! Both kids loved celebrating his birthday a couple of weeks ago, on the last day of the holidays. It was lovely to see how excited Boo was for him all day, how keen she was to make sure that he was having a good day and how much he hugged her to thank her for his gift. But then the holidays already seem like a dim and distant memory now. The kids are back to school, and how those holidays flew by. Boo is now in Year 4 and Little Man in Year 1. As Read more >

Do I Make My Children Read?

Do I make my children read? That’s a question that I have been asked this week. Interesting question. And what if I do? Is reading really so bad? Is that so very cruel of me? As it happens, the answer is ‘no’, I don’t ‘make’ my children read. Children that read are at an advantage at school, in life. Reading improves vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. It fuels imaginations, it improves concentration, it boosts memory, it increases empathy and it is a way to reduce stress and anxiety. All of these gains, with something that is fun, something that is Read more >

Little Man is 6!

How can my baby be turning six years old today? Oh, and in truth ‘Little Man’ is now something of a misnomer. He’s taller than all of his classmates and most of the year above him! Little Man has been counting down the months, weeks and days to today. He has been desperate for his birthday. He has gone on and on about wanting Lego Dimensions for the Playstation. I can only hope that it can live up to the hype he’s created in his own mind. He desperately wants the Ghostbusters packs to go with it, and he’s asked Read more >

Do The Ordinary Moments Matter?

Do you remember eating your breakfast as a child? I’m not asking whether you ate it, or even what you might have liked, just whether you remember actually doing it? I don’t. I know that I ate breakfast every day throughout my childhood. But I cannot for the life of me recall the bowl I ate it in, where I sat to eat or what I did whilst doing so? Did I watch TV, talk to my brother? I don’t know! I ask because something as ordinary as this has been completely forgotten. Yet I did it daily. It was Read more >

Siblings August 2018

We’re already halfway through the summer holidays, the time is flying by. These two love the summer break. We try to get that balance between having things planned in, places to go, people to see, and then having days where we have nowhere that we need to be. Those are the days that I really notice how close Boo and Little Man are to one another, as they can happily stay home all day, moving from one game to the next, throwing in a movie here and there and running about outside. They are content playing in their own little Read more >

But Is This Religious Education?

My daughter’s class have recently been asked to compose a prayer. It doesn’t sit comfortably with me. In truth, I don’t fully understand the context and how this was positioned with them, and I would like to better understand that. What’s the thinking behind this? Is it, as a wise friend suggested, because they are learning about the structure of prayers? Hmm, maybe. Is it to allow a freedom of creativity to the kids and an opportunity for them to formulate and articulate their needs, wants and fears. I can see the value in that, but I’d seriously question using Read more >

The School Reports Are In

We had the kids’ school reports on Friday evening. It was Little Man’s first one, as he’s in Reception, so I was especially looking forward to seeing what his would say, and I always like seeing how Boo’s getting on. My two children couldn’t be more different to one another. They are like chalk and cheese. Their personalities are poles apart. It keeps me on my parenting toes! As such, I was expecting to read very different reports. Boo is confident, energetic, optimistic, full of curiosity about any new experience and happy and excited about everything that life has to Read more >

Siblings July 2018

These two have had a busy month. There’s so much going on at school and we’ve had a few fun weekends, too, so I’ve somehow lost the last few weeks as they have flown by. Boo had her first sleepover at school, away from family. She was excited, though a little nervous. Of course I struggled to rest and relax all night, even though I knew she’d be perfectly safe. I dread to think what I’ll be like when they go away for a few nights in a couple of years time! She came home emotional and utterly exhausted, but Read more >

Siblings June 2018

What a month these two have had! They both absolutely adored Disney World, as did we all. They amazed me with how much stamina they had, we saw so much, walked so many miles, stayed out so late, but they managed to keep up. And whilst keeping up, they remained the best of friends. I don’t recall a single squabble, they got along together so well. Boo ensured that she looked out for Little Man whenever he was uncertain around new people, rides and play areas, always sticking close to him checking that he was OK. She is such a Read more >

The Husband As A Dad

I wrote a few weeks ago about my own parenting, wondering when I’ll feel that I really have this motherhood thing down. It’s had me thinking more about it all recently, and has had me stopping myself a few times and reflecting on things that I could do differently. However, when I then think about how the Husband parents, well I think that he has absolutely got it right. Fortunately for the kids, he seems to know what he’s doing! In the big things, we parent in the same way. We give consistent messages to the kids, we set boundaries, Read more >

Siblings May 2018

We have actually had a little sunshine this month. Not much, but enough to get out and enjoy the garden and have a few days out. Little Man and Boo are like chalk and cheese with most things, and the sunshine is no different. Boo loves the warmer weather, sees it as a chance to be outside all the time, invariably running around exploring everywhere. She’s always been the same, full of energy and curiosity. Little Man is more of an indoors, sedate kinda person! He’ll go out, then get bored quickly and retreat back inside, to Lego, Star Wars Read more >

I Wonder When I’ll Be A Good Mum?

I wonder when I’ll be a good mum? I wonder at what point my super mum skills will kick in and I’ll absolutely nail it? I’ve yet to really find my feet at this ‘mumming’. Some mums are fabulous at the baby stage. They are like baby whisperers, filled with endless patience, adoring the tiny bundle screaming in their arms. I loved my kids at this age, think back fondly on those days though only when I am picturing them asleep, hungrily feeding or happily gurgling from their baby bouncer at me. Then I remember everything else, and I can’t Read more >

Siblings April 2018

These two have absolutely loved the Easter holidays. We’ve not got up to much, it’s been a nice mix of catching up with friends and family, a few trips out and then lots of time playing and relaxing at home. They have enjoyed it all, whether they be playing ‘Peter Pan’ in the garden, exploring the Sea Life Centre, colouring side by side or snuggled up for a movie night, they have been happy. They’ve had a couple of sleepovers, once at my mum’s house and then once here as they shared a bedroom. They love doing this, and they Read more >

The Best Things About Nephews

The best things about nephews (or nieces for that matter, I simply don’t have any) has got to be that balance of complete love with very little responsibility. It’s perfect! I am fortunate enough to have two nephews, two brilliant nephews. Nope, no bias here at all. I have been there to watch them grow and develop, having seen them pretty much every week of their lives. My eldest nephew, now 21, was around eighteen months old when I first met him, as I started dating the Husband. He was the first grandchild, the first nephew, the first son, so Read more >

Siblings March 2018

These two are too close this month, just too close! I think it’s a combination of a few things, from awful weather weekends keeping us inside a bit more than usual, the excitement of our upcoming holiday and Little Man being poorly a couple of times. All of these things together mean that their energy levels are high and their desire to be as close as they physically can to one another has got up a notch. Boo hates it when Little Man is ill and counts down the moments until they can play and cuddle together again. And given Read more >

My Music Starts Here

Today I’d like to introduce you to My Music Starts Here, and share a little about it. My Music Starts Here is an online learning platform for young children, ages 3-8, featuring over 100 fun and engaging music educational videos. Kids will learn to sing different children’s songs, move to music, keep the steady beat, sing songs using solfege, be inspired to compose their own music, and even have the opportunity to learn beginning skills at the piano. It was created by Mary and Mike Anderson, experts in early childhood music education and piano pedagogy as well as parents to Read more >