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4 Ways to Keep Your Family Fed and Your Finances in Check Over Winter

Many families in the UK are having to decide between heating their homes or making a meal. This shocking statistic has been revealed in a survey by prepaid MasterCard experts, icount. Higher heating and energy bills during the winter period has resulted in many of the UK’s population waiting to turn their heating on as late as November. Fortunately, there are small steps that you can take as a family to give you that helping hand when you need it the most. Read on to discover more about the shocking statistics found from icount’s survey, as well as four helpful Read more >

Money Saving Diary Challenge

Money Saving Diary Challenge

I have been challenged by Scottish Friendly to take part in their Money Saving Diary Challenge, and it’s definitely one for me. As you may have read here recently, we have just booked a holiday to Walt Disney World next summer so we are all about saving at the moment! The idea behind the challenge was to keep a diary of all expenditure, however small, over a few weeks. I have been doing this for just over a fortnight now and I can already say that it has made a difference to my spending. The Learns I think it helps that Read more >

4 Tips For Selling Furniture Online

It can be tempting to go down to the dump with your unwanted furniture, but giving it a new home could be an easy way to prevent throwing it away and even make some extra cash. The trend of upcycling furniture is still going strong, so even if the condition isn’t the best it could be, someone out there just might be looking to use it in their project, or give it a new lease of life. Accurately measure furniture Having accurate measurements is so important, and many only go shopping once they know exactly how much room they’ve got Read more >

4 Tips For Selling Furniture Online

6 Ways to Improve your Credit Score

6 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Now that the fun of Christmas is becoming a distant memory, the treat that we have to look forward to this month is the credit card bill! I don’t know about you, but we tend to put a little away each month throughout the year towards Christmas, though we do then use the credit card for any extras. Fortunately, we tend to be in a position to clear it in January as I like to get it paid off monthly so it doesn’t add up. Credit cards are best used this way, of course, as they help you spread the Read more >

How To Own A Vehicle On A Budget

It’s amazing how the importance of a car really does set in when you have a family. Self-indulgence goes completely out the window more often than not, and it all becomes about practicality and cost efficiency. The latter is particularly important given how expensive cars are to run. Often in day-to- day life we only factor in fuel (and perhaps insurance) as the main expense once we’ve bought our new set of wheels. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot more to it than that. In fact, you can get a good idea of the true running cost of your car Read more >

Our Big Savings Goal

We have a goal. A big savings goal, and we are squirrelling away funds here and there to help with it. We have the smaller aims, as we always have a Christmas savings account running, and then we have the savings for the home projects that pop up throughout the year and any short breaks and holidays. These are kept in separate savings accounts, and are pretty easy for me to get at. We then have the Florida account. Yes, this is the big one, and we are determined to take the kids there whilst they’re still both young enough Read more >

A Letter to My Children on Managing Money

My children are a long way off managing their own money. They have got both savings accounts and long-term savings plans, that were set up for each of them within a couple of weeks of their births. I’m pleased we’ve sorted those for them, as by starting really early, small sums can add up to a very nice nest-egg when they will need it most – a car, university, travelling, savings for a home, who knows? Over the next few years as they grow and better understand money, I plan to teach them about it’s value, about saving up for Read more >

A Letter to My Children on Managing Money

Free Pizza, Anyone?

The title of this post has two of my favourite things in it – ‘free’ and ‘pizza’! As regular readers will know, I do like to make our money work hard for us here, so I am always on the lookout for fresh offers and deals that we can enjoy that do this for us. In addition to this, pizza is one of the few foods that every single member of my family loves, making PizzaExpress a firm favourite here, so this new deal interests me…. As many families run a car or two, this is a great one to take advantage of, especially for Read more >

3 Ways to Earn While You Spend

If I’m shopping and buying things, I want to be making some money, too. I’m pretty greedy that way! Here are the top 3 ways that I do this.. 1. I like retailer reward cards for points and vouchers, and have a fair few loyalty cards. I redeem them regularly to make the most of them. The main ones I use are Boots, Sainsburys Nectar, Waterstones, Tesco Clubcard and Build-a-Bear! Tesco gives me vouchers, which are handy for days out or Christmas shopping, and they often boost their value, too. The others are money off once credits accrue. 2. If I’m buying online, Read more >


Today I’m joining in with Natwest’s #MySaverStory campaign, as they promote their fairer savings policy. It has been interesting to write, as it has really made me stop and think about my savings goals over time. So I’ll take you on my savings journey, from when I first earned my own money, until now and how I see things changing in the future…. The Past: I got my first full time job when I was 18. It was to be a year out before going off to read History at university, where I had my place all ready, so I was Read more >

Save Money ‘Energy Shopping’

I do like to get the best deals that I can around here, as I’m sure you know. Shopping around for the best offers on anything from a present for the kids or a family holiday, to finding the best savings accounts and insurances, it’s all worth it and I do feel very happy when I manage to save us some money. Every little counts and all that, especially now that I’m at home with the children, and that lottery win I’ve felt sure was on the horizon for the last decade or two seems to continue to elude me! Read more >

Tips for Managing a Household Budget

As regular readers will know, I come from a background in mortgages and finance, and with it becoming increasingly difficult to save any pennies up for a deposit on a home, I’m sharing a few tips on managing your budget that should stand you in good stead for when the time comes to do so. – First up, have a goal and keep it in mind. So if it is a deposit, work out how much you’d want and when you want it by, and then work backwards to better understand how much you need to be saving. – Sounds odd, Read more >

Christmas Offers at Kidstart

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I’m now working with Kidstart, so will be bringing you news of any offers that can help you put a few more pounds into the bank. Kidstart is really easy to use, free to sign up to, and basically adds money into your children’s savings account each time you shop. I’ve got the majority of my Christmas shopping done over the last week or so, and have been adding money to the kids’ accounts whilst doing so. I didn’t need to leave the house to shop, bagged some bargains and the children have Read more >

Proud To Be Working With Kidstart

One of my favourite things about blogging is being able to reach out to brands that I want to work with and share here with you. I find that having been blogging for just over a year now, I’m confident to approach companies that I like and am keen to bring to you. So, I’m pleased to say that I recently approached Kidstart to see whether we could work together in some capacity. I’m a big fan of Kidstart, and have been using them since I was pregnant with Boo, so over 5 years now. Every time I shop on-line Read more >

Top Tips for Cutting Costs with Minimal Effort: The lazy guide to saving money on everyday things around the home, from planning to growing your own, all done as easily as possible.

Top Tips For Cutting Costs With Minimal Effort

Wherever possible, I like to save money, of course I do, who doesn’t? So when VoucherCodes.co.uk got in touch with me and invited my to share my top 3 money-saving tips as part of their VC Life Hacks campaign, I was keen to get involved. It got me thinking about where I make our biggest family savings, and also how easy it is to make those savings, You see, I am keen on saving cash, but I’m not especially keen on having to go to enormous lengths to do so – yep, lazy! So these top tips are for cutting Read more >