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Pets Small World Play

With the kids loving their new pets and all things guinea pigs, including pretending to be them several times a day, I thought it would be fun to create a little small world play around them. My children wanted to make this about their guinea pigs, but any pet goes! You’ll need: A drawer/tray Hay/straw Play dough Googly eyes Play food Invitation to play: I got the small world ready, and invited the children to come and create their guinea pigs, name them, and then make them toys and keep them happy. There was a lot of wheeking noises! I Read more >

Our Nature Detectives Outing and Wild Art

As I mentioned last week, we’ve now got a Woodland Trust family membership. This means that there was much excitement a couple of days ago when the kids’ Nature Detectives packs arrived….. The pack included an activity booklet, a bookmark, a passport and some stickers. The booklets are tailored to ages, so Boo and Little Man each had a different booklet, which they loved. We decided to go off to our nearest woodland and create our own woodland treasure chests. You can find where your nearest woodland is by searching here. We then chatted about what we would want to collect, Read more >

Sharing A Shell Small World Play

A joyful thing has been happening here lately. My son has discovered the wonder of books. For those of you that know me, you’ll know how happy this makes me! Don’t get me wrong, he’s always enjoyed his bedtime stories, and has had several books every night since he was just a few weeks old, but it’s like something has suddenly changed and he sees them differently now. They are now holding a fascination for him, and he’s reading a greater variety and asking for them in the daytime, too. This was something that his sister often did as a Read more >

Painting Fun Without Paintbrushes

My kids love painting. I love watching them, seeing the scenes that they create, the mess that they get into, the smiles on their faces as they do it. So yesterday I thought I’d let them loose on the lining paper, but make things a little different this time. I invited them to paint without paintbrushes… I gathered together various bits and bobs from around the house that we no longer needed and that I thought might be interesting for them. I asked them to look about, too, and Boo came up with the idea to use their toothbrushes – Read more >

Saving Money & Getting Crafty

I do like to shop around and get the best possible value for our money. I’m sure most people do. Which is why I was keen to test out Cavendish Online‘s comparison tool and see how their life assurance quotes compared. We cut out many things when we moved to one income when Boo was born, but our life cover was not one of them. I used to sell it in my old role, and I’ve seen the difference that it can make for families in the direst of circumstances, for a fairly modest premium. So I shopped around, going Read more >

Pen Pals for Children

My daughter is now 5 years old. She’s in Reception at school and is thoroughly enjoying learning how to read and write. The messages that we get home are about encouraging writing in any shape or form, so that our kids are writing for a purpose, rather than just because they have to. So what better purpose could there be than sending a little happy mail and brightening someone’s day? You no doubt know that I LOVE to send and receive snail mail. It’s a big part of my #BringBackPaper passion and activities. It’s an opportunity for me to indulge myself Read more >

Baking Fun in a Tuff Spot

OK, I must firstly point out that this is not real baking, do not try to eat these cakes! I thought it would be fun to set up the tuff spot with some baking utensils, along with sensory materials to make cakes with, so I added some rice and a few different colours of play dough… I always enjoy setting up invitations to play like this, as there is plenty for them to get stuck into, but it’s totally up to them what they do with it. At 5 and 2, both of my children love activities like this, as Read more >

5 Fun Ways to Get Kids Interested in Birds

I love to talk to the children about the natural world around us. There is so much that we can enjoy and learn right here on our doorstep. When I’m out gardening, Boo often likes to help me plant bulbs and seeds and she gets so excited when she sees shoots coming up and blooms flowering. We talk about the names of them, and take a closer look at the colours and shapes. She’s pretty good at identifying them now. Little Man loves being out there, too, though he is more about the digging and insects than the flowers, which Read more >

Easy Tuff Spot Activity

We bought a tuff spot some time ago, and I must admit it’s tucked away so well, I’d pretty much forgotten about it. But having had a few days of staying in the house with us full of colds, I thought it’d be nice to get it out for Little Man, as something new and a little bit different for him to play with. If you’ve not heard of tuff spots before, they’re essentially huge trays, like builders mixing trays, that you can then use for so many activities. I’ve blogged before about our Tuff Spot Recycling Play and our Read more >

Easter Egg Crafting

With Easter fast-approaching, Easter bonnet-making on our agenda for school and eggs in all of the shops, I decided to get the kids set up one afternoon last week with this little Easter egg crafting station, all ready and waiting for them when we returned from the school run…. It was a hit, and they were both very excited and intrigued. The task was simple enough, to create their own Easter egg picture, based on the real-life creme egg model there, with any and all of the materials available to them. And to make it even more interesting, the best picture would Read more >

Top Tips for Painting with a Toddler

Little Man’s totally into his art and painting at the moment, so I thought today I’d share with you a few of my top tips for painting with a toddler, as I know that the prospect of the mess can be off-putting and it can feel like a hassle. It’s now pretty simple to set up and do here, and no, I’m not one of those wonderful mums that I totally envy who just goes with the flow with their kids anyway; I’m organised, neat and I like to control! So here are my tips for ensuring that your little Read more >

Top Tips for Painting with a Toddler, for the mess-averse parent! These tips for painting with children should make it easier and less messy!

7 Fun Word Games for 5 Year Olds

Now I’m saying ‘for 5 year olds’ because my girl is 5 and loves all of these, but really they’re great games for 5 and up, as I like playing them, too, and I’m a lot older than that! Boo likes to play word games in moments of downtime, and I like to use them to create moments of downtime. They’re handy as they need no preparation whatsoever, no tools, no having to move to get things, so can be entirely impromptu and played wherever you are. Now that Boo has started school, she loves games that draw on her learning Read more >

What The Ladybird Heard Toddler Activities

We’ve been having a little fun again, based around a picture book we’ve been enjoying. And this one’s a favourite of mine… What the Ladybird Heard This one’s popular with Little Man because he likes farms and animals, rhyming’s always fun to listen to, and he loves spotting the ladybird on each page, as his big sister always did when she was a toddler, too. So, chosen book in hand, we were off to create a couple of activities around it. The first was so easy to set up and play, especially as we often play variations of this game Read more >

Garden Design Fun For Kids

With Boo now at school, I’m trying to plan a little activity for her to return home to each day. One that has the kids sitting down for a bit and making the most of each other’s company. It also means that coming home to something to do keeps them both busy whilst I get the dinner sorted – clever planning! As we’ve done a couple of times now, we had fun with an activity based on a picture book we’ve been enjoying reading. My mum has loads of books for the kids at her house, and one of them is Read more >

9 Bargain Activities For Kids (and they’re easy)

My children have plenty of toys. They’re very fortunate to have a family that treats them and this blog brings with it great opportunities to test out and review toys and products regularly. We’ve lots that they love, but do you know the things that I can guarantee will hold their attention are often the things you’d probably be able to find in a pound shop! So here’s my list of top activities for little ones that’ll cost you pennies rather than pounds… 1. Bubbles. A crowd pleaser every single time! Just a cheap little bottle of bubbles can keep Read more >

10 Easter Activities For Pre-Schoolers

I’ve been at it again, lurking and browsing over on Pinterest! It has proved very useful, once again, as I’ve come up with this list of great ideas and blog posts, and I want to try each of them with the children over Easter. Boo’s 4 now, so I think she’ll be fine with every single one of these 10 Easter activities for pre-schoolers, and at 18 months, Little Man should be able to get involved in most of them (he’ll LOVE Easter egg hunting, as he’s a huge fan of hide and seek!) and those that he’s not too capable Read more >

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