I’m Loving

Fashion For The Husband

The Husband’s discovered a new shop and he’s so happy! It’s a menswear website selling designer brands and it’s totally new to us – Mainline Menswear. Have you shopped there? I’m not sure whether I’ve talked about this before, but the Husband does like his clothes and accessories. Whereas my wishlist is always based around books, stationery, candles and perfume (you’re surprised by this, I know), the Husband’s usually features t-shirts, trainers, watches and jeans. He’s always been like this for the nearly 20 years that we’ve been together. The brands that he likes have changed here and there, though Read more >

Mainline Menswear

Can Embracing Hygge Make You Happier?

Well, the Danes certainly think so. Having seen this book about Hygge all over the place in recent months, I was intrigued so it was at the top of my Christmas list…. Denmark is often said to be the happiest country in the world. That’s down to one thing: hygge. ‘Hygge has been translated as everything from the art of creating intimacy to cosiness of the soul to taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things. My personal favourite is cocoa by candlelight…’ I sat down to flick through it a couple of weeks ago and ended up reading it Read more >

I’m Loving…My Furry Balls!

Yes, that’s what I said. Now I should point out here that initially the balls are not furry, just very scratchy, but then the fur comes… I’m thinking I should probably explain! As you may know, we have two guinea pigs here. Our little piggies live inside with us, and as such, their cage is fleece lined and all of their ‘furniture’ is also fleece. Here’s a little look at some of their bedding and furniture so that you get the idea… They have a good old variety of fleeces, from shelves, to snuggle sacks and they now even have a Read more >

I’m Loving….Wrendale Designs Stationery

For Christmas I received some stationery. No surprise there, I know. My aunt and cousin bought me a beautiful new foxy writing set and notepad from Wrendale Designs, that I shared last week when launching BringBackPaper in 2016. I’ve started using the letter set and it feels so luxurious and it’s gorgeous to write on, even managing to make my appalling handwriting look half decent! So when Wrendale Designs got in touch with me about their new Snails & Pigtails range I jumped at the chance to share it with you here. How pretty is this? Pictured here clockwise from Read more >

I’m Loving…Sweet Scents & Soft Skin

I have been treated! And I am absolutely loving my new pamper products, perfumes and bath and shower gels….. I am something of a perfume addict. You know how some people treat themselves to bags or shoes come payday? Well back when I worked full time, I was always circling the perfume counters, trying out the latest and selecting a new bottle each and every month. It was my weakness and my treat. Nowadays, every time my birthday, anniversary or Christmas roll around, you can be sure I’ll be asking for a new perfume. Love them. So it was with Read more >

I’m Loving…Flamingo Gifts

Earlier this year I brought you my top picks from Flamingo Gifts, including my gorgeous rack of milk bottles. They remain one of my favourite little touches in my newly decorated kitchen, so I was more than happy to work with the team again and select a few items to show off to you today. It took me a while to choose just a few things as they are a great store for gift ideas and as I was looking around, I was spotting things that would be perfect for so many people I need to buy for! In the Read more >

I’m Loving… Autumn Style

I love the summer. It is my favourite season, I know that I am happiest with the sun shining and donning my flip flops daily. But I do see the appeal of autumn, the rich bright colours, the crisp and frosty mornings, the feel of wintry anticipation in the air. Then there’s the fact that the change in weather necessitates a change in wardrobe. I re-discover my boots, my thick and chunky knits and cosy coats. And I wish for a few new items to cheer me up…. For the daytime, I like… Dr Martens Moll Karin at Cloggs, Orly Read more >

I’m Loving……Galt Toys

I haven’t shared an ‘I’m Loving…’ post for a little while, but Galt Toys has prompted me to do so! Boo entered a competition with them last month to win a £50 bundle of their arts and crafts supplies, as part of their #MiniMasterpieces series. You can see the details here, along with her winning entry. She had lots of fun doing it, as she is really into her art. We tweeted the picture, and pretty much forgot about it, until we found out that she’d won! Oh my, was she pleased with herself?! And then the prize arrived.. There Read more >

I’m Loving… #Postcircle

Oh yes, I do love #Postcircle, started by the fabulous Miss Beatrix. It reignited my enjoyment of letter-writing, brought new friends into my life and gave me a legitimate excuse to buy more pretty stationery – wins all round! There’s something so satisfying about sitting down to write a letter, and it’s great to spy some happy post in amongst a pile of junk mail or bills! It was actually a chat over on Twitter that first drew my attention to this lovely little world, and so I eagerly investigated and signed up. From these Twitter chats, I also have Read more >

Stationery Love 6

If you’ve read any of my recent posts, you’ll know that I’m getting organised here. Which to me, means stationery is involved! I have 2 new diaries, new pens, notebooks, and I’ve some new letter-writing stationery on the way, too. I am in my element! Which all points to a new Stationery Love post, surely? These are my latest pins, brought to you directly from my Stationery Love Pinterest board. So, come on, hands up – who else has used the New Year as an excuse to buy new stationery?!

I’m Loving….Livie & Luca

When I was contacted recently and asked to shop at any UK independent shop, and then tell you all about it, this shop quickly came to mind. I already had it on my list for an ‘I’m Loving..’ post, so this seemed the perfect opportunity to share them with you…. I discovered Livie & Luca via Twitter and reading about them on another blog. As soon as I saw the gorgeous range of children’s shoes, I was smitten! Livie & Luca sell ‘adorable shoes for adorable feet’. Their shop has a really good range of shoes, from babies through to Read more >

I’m Loving…..The Toadstool

I do love this shop! It’s become one of my go-to places whenever I need presents for my children, as I just love the toys, the quality that I know I’ll receive, the ethos behind it and the excellent service. So, in conclusion, I am a fan 😉 A little background information. The lovely Niki runs The Toadstool. She works hard to ensure that the range she stocks meets her high standards and that the toys are all eminently ‘playable’ – there are plenty of toy testers enlisted to share their findings regularly, so she can be comfortable with what Read more >

I’m Loving…Higgledy Garden

I’m currently in the midst of Project Garden. It began this summer, and with any luck, I’ll have most of it completed by spring. Well, as ‘completed’ as any garden ever is, as once I’ve the foundations laid, with everything where I want it to be, it’ll be an ongoing project to enjoy. This summer has been my first real foray into gardening, though my mum is very green-fingered and has been helping me (read: doing it all!) with the garden since we moved here several years ago. But with the project under-way, my interest has grown, and I have started Read more >

I’m Loving…Burp! Boutique & there’s a Give-Away!

I’ve decided to run a new feature on the blog. It’s a very simple one and allows me to indulge myself by sharing with you anything that ‘I’m Loving’ at the moment. So to kick us off and debut the fun, we have Burp! Boutique.. I first discovered the wonders of Burp! Boutique around this time last year, when I was looking for a quirky soft toy for Little Man’s first Christmas. I absolutely loved the Blue Bunny by Anna Chambers, and fortunately, so does Little Man! Since then, I’ve enjoyed chatting to Kate via Twitter and following them over Read more >

Stationery Love 5

You’ve missed this feature, right?! Well, I’ve still be keeping an eye out for gorgeous items and have also found some lovely things via Twitter chat, so here’s the things that have stood out to me – I should warn you, they are rather fabulous…! As always, if you click on the images, it’ll take you straight to the shops where you can get the little beauties from. 2014 Biscuits Diary £8 Postcard Pack £1.50 Chunky Knits Scrapbook £10 Stationery Set £4.80 A5 Guess Who Notebook £9 Little Kittens Jotter and Sticky Notes £7.50 Caroline Gardner range £2.50-£29 Brown Leather Read more >

Stationery Love 4

I’ve not shared a Stationery Love post recently, which means I’ve spent ages looking at gorgeous stationery this time around and I got a little lost looking (time well-spent, of course!) So, to save you having to mooch about, too, here are some of my favourite finds… I discovered a new shop (well, it’s new to me!) Not The Usual, and to be honest, I could have done the whole post on that! Instead, I’ll share a couple of their delights.. Nature Trail Scrapbook £3.95   Owl Stickers £2.99 (lots of other designs available) Then I had a look about Read more >