Guinea Pigs

6 Reasons Guinea Pigs Make Perfect Family Pets

We love our guinea pigs here. Jessie and Leia. We have enjoyed everything about these animals, from the moment that we bought them through to their sweet little wheeks that we hear every single day. I’d like to share with you 6 reasons guinea pigs make perfect family pets, as if you’re on the lookout for some new family additions, I’d definitely recommend guinea pigs! They are easy to handle. Both of my kids have been able to get involved in looking after their pets since they arrived here three years ago. Little Man was then just coming up to Read more >

6 Reasons Guinea Pigs Make Perfect Family Pets

Amazing Guinea Pig Homes!

As you may know, we have two guinea pigs here, Jessie and Leia. In theory they belong to the kids, but let’s be honest, they are mine! They live in an indoor cage. We like ours being inside with us because it means that they get plenty of attention from us. I know plenty of owners are no doubt brilliant at going outside and spending time with their pets that way, and then bringing them in to play, but for us I suspect the kids would almost forget about them if they lived outside so having them with us all Read more >

The Guinea Pigs Have A New Home!

I mentioned recently that I have been researching new cage options for our guinea pigs. I’ve spent a fair bit of time on it, as I wanted to get it just right for them. They are now fully grown and though I had the biggest indoor cage I could buy for them, I felt that they needed more room. I decided that I wanted to make them a C&C cage (Cubes & Coroplast) which allows me to make any size that I like for them and I figured I’d go big! This was their cage set up, as I shared with Read more >

Life with Guinea Pigs

It’s been a little while since our furry friends featured here so I though an update on how we’re getting on with them would be useful… As you may know, we bought our guinea pigs during the summer holidays last year, and they are officially the kids pets. Boo has Jessie and Little Man has Leia. Ah yes, the kids pets. I clean them out, play with them, cuddle them and feed them twice a day. So as I suspected when I wrote my 5 Things to Consider Before Getting Guinea Pigs post, they really are all my responsibility. I Read more >

I’m Loving…My Furry Balls!

Yes, that’s what I said. Now I should point out here that initially the balls are not furry, just very scratchy, but then the fur comes… I’m thinking I should probably explain! As you may know, we have two guinea pigs here. Our little piggies live inside with us, and as such, their cage is fleece lined and all of their ‘furniture’ is also fleece. Here’s a little look at some of their bedding and furniture so that you get the idea… They have a good old variety of fleeces, from shelves, to snuggle sacks and they now even have a Read more >

Our Guinea Pig Cage Set Up

Update! Please note, since they have grown, they now have a new cage, which you can check out in The Guinea Pigs Have A New Home! As you know, we have guinea pigs here, Jessie and Leia. They’ve been with us since August, and we are enjoying having them in our family. When we initially got them, we bought them a big two tier hutch and they lived out on our decked area, underneath the kitchen window. Well, that lasted for about three weeks! We wanted them inside with us, so they live in our playroom in a big cage, meaning Read more >

Shh…Don’t Tell The Guinea Pigs

OK, I’m trusting you not to share. It would ruin the surprise. You may have spotted over on my Facebook page that over the weekend we went to the National Pet Show at the NEC. We were looking forward to seeing all of the animals there, watching the show jumping rabbits…in fact, before I go any further with my tale, I’ll show you a rabbit in action… Yes, go, rabbit, go! Anyway, back to the story, we were also going to choose our guinea pigs their Christmas presents. Now, the Husband said that as they’re guinea pigs, they have no idea Read more >

Nice and Cosy Guinea Pigs

Our newest additions to the family arrived last month, our baby guinea pigs Jessie and Leia. Of course we want to look after them and treat them to nice things, and having spotted some fleecy cosies and blankets, I liked the idea of them having some and thanks to the lovely team at Ziggy’s Piggies, they now do. It would be fair to say that they absolutely love them! We have a lap pad, a tunnel, a snuggle sack and a cuddle cup. Even the names of these things sound sweet and cosy, don’t they? We introduced them to them when they Read more >

Gifts for Guinea-Pig Loving Children

As you’ll know, we’ve well and truly caught the guinea pig bug here, as the kids absolutely adore their new pets, Jessie and Leia. With their birthdays coming up (the kids’, not the guinea pigs’!), I have had a little look about for a few gifts that I know will make them smile, playing up to their new fascination.. Books For Little Man.. I’ve looked through both of these, and they look absolutely adorable. I Love Guinea Pigs, by Dick King-Smith, is something of a care guide, as well as a story. I am so looking forward to reading these Read more >

Pets Small World Play

With the kids loving their new pets and all things guinea pigs, including pretending to be them several times a day, I thought it would be fun to create a little small world play around them. My children wanted to make this about their guinea pigs, but any pet goes! You’ll need: A drawer/tray Hay/straw Play dough Googly eyes Play food Invitation to play: I got the small world ready, and invited the children to come and create their guinea pigs, name them, and then make them toys and keep them happy. There was a lot of wheeking noises! I Read more >

5 Things To Consider Before Getting Guinea Pigs

We got our little guinea pigs last week, Jessie and Leia, and they’re settling in well. I like to make sure that we’re doing our best by them, so I’ve read a huge amount about guinea pig care over the last couple of weeks. That being the case, I thought I’d share a few of my learns and tips for getting guinea pigs and then what to expect in the first few days… We thought a lot about the pets we wanted to get for the children. I was brought up with pets and I think it’s good for kids to have Read more >