Creating a Rose Garden

I adore roses, they are my favourite of all plants and as such, I have a fair few in my garden. And by a fair few, I mean at least twenty at last count, and I may have overlooked one or two. I must get back out and check! As such, I’ve been been toying with creating a rose garden. As if I need more roses, I now have a plan to put more in. I am excited! I have a little bed near the back of the garden that has yet to be given a purpose that I am Read more >

Wanting To Get Outside In My Garden Again!

I feel like this has been a long winter. A long, long winter. And given that winter is my least favourite season, I want it to end now. I am itching to get out into the garden again. I am definitely a fair weather gardener, I like to potter about out there when it warms up and then there’s nothing nicer than lounging about on my deck reading a book when it’s really hot. I love the sunshine. As soon as I do start spending time out there, I have something of a list of tasks that I need to Read more >

Tree2MyDoor Review & Competition

When Tree2MyDoor got in touch with me, I got a bit excited. As regular readers will know, I really enjoy gardening, and as soon as I looked at their website, I was impressed with the huge range of trees and shrubs that they have on offer. Tree2mydoor are an award winning tree gifts company based in Manchester, UK, supplying British grown trees. They create unique and original gift packs that can then be personalised and delivered nationwide to friends and family. I love the idea of gifting a tree like this. I think they make great presents, as they do Read more >

Word of the Week 24/6/16

Hello and welcome to Word of the Week! If you’re new here, Word of the Week is a nice and simple weekly linky, with everyone welcome to pop by and share. You reflect back on the past week and sum it up in one word. Then share your word with us in a blog post, with as little or as much explanation as you like. It’s a fun and friendly linky, so please do be lovely and visit as many of the other blogs as you can and share with them your thoughts on their words and weeks. I do comment on every Read more >

5 Tips for Encouraging Wildlife into your Garden

I went along to the inspiring Gardeners’ World Live exhibition a few days ago, and as well as adoring it and coming away with a fair few new plants, I also came away with ideas. I found that the show clarified for me what I wanted from my garden, which now has me excited and thinking about changes and additions that I’d like to make. My biggest take away from it is that for me, I want the garden to be a place that we can all enjoy being in, for it to be colourful, pretty and scented, and for Read more >

Win Tickets to Gardeners’ World Live!

Gardeners’ World Live is on at the NEC next month, and I am so looking forward to going! I’m going child-free, with my mum, who knows more about gardening than anyone I know, so it feels like I will have an expert guide with me! It’ll be lovely to have the day with just my mum and I, both browsing and mooching about the gardens and plants, a passion that we both share. So as I am going and am excited, I though it’d be nice to offer you guys the chance to win a pair of tickets, too. Sound Read more >

Batavia Maxxheat: Electric Hot Air Gun Weed Killer Review

I have a new gadget and it’s a garden gadget, my favourite kind. May I introduce to you the Batavia Maxxheat: Electric Hot Air Gun Weed Killer… From Batavia this is a useful 3-in-1 combi-tool that can be used as a Weed Killer, a Hot Air Gun and a BBQ Lighter! The Maxxheat package includes a telescopic pole that is ideal when used as a weed killer. The pole can be easily removed for the other uses of the Multi Heater; the Hot Air Gun and BBQ Lighter. It does it all! Now for me, this is all about the Read more >

Win ‘The Children’s Garden’

We’ve recently been sent a copy of The Children’s Garden: Loads of Things to Make & Grow by Matthew Appleby. It is packed full of fun ideas and projects for getting the kids involved outside, and even inside during the colder months with gardening-inspired activities. A garden can be a place for discovery, creativity and fun, and a space that encourages children to enjoy and engage with the natural world. Through 52 exciting family projects, this book inspires parents and their children to play and learn in the garden, with activities including nature trails, cooking, crafting and growing plants and Read more >

A Gift for Gardeners

My mum is a keen gardener, and is very green-fingered, so when gift times roll around, I do consider getting her presents to feed her love of gardening. I’d been looking at hampers for her, but they don’t seem to cater for ‘proper gardeners’. By that I mean most of them tend to be pretty trowels, watering cans and herb pots and the like, which is all very nice, but not of any real benefit for my mum. She wants plants and useful tools, not just pretty things! So I decided to put together my own hamper for her, shopping Read more >

Easy Gardening With Bedding Plants

Back before I really got into my gardening, bedding plants were my go-to buys every time. I see them as instant gardening, and often the bedding plants themselves are easy enough to keep, too. They’d brighten up our garden so that I’d enjoy sitting out in it, with minimal effort. They’re brilliant for novice gardeners in that way. Now I use them a little differently. I now have the patience to wait for seeds, enjoy watching my perennials bloom at various times throughout the year and I like to put my bulbs in in the autumn, anticipating their colours in Read more >

Garden Ponderings

I nearly called this post garden ideas, but then that felt a little misleading as I’m not quite at the ‘ideas’ stage. We started Project Garden a couple of summers ago now, and we’ve made plenty of progress. We now have our wildlife garden, we’ve removed a shed and made room for some fruit and a patch of garden that is the kids to tend, and I have my beloved cut-flower patch. I have acquired more and more roses, and I’d like to think I’ll get a few more, too, which leads me to my ponderings… We’ve an area at the Read more >

My Garden, My Extra Room

Now that the summer months are looming, I am excited to spend time in my extra ‘room’, my garden. Since I’ve got into my gardening, I’ve started to view my garden this way. Before, it was somewhere to sit in the sun, for the kids to play out, for the dog to run around. Having spent time redesigning it and better understanding it all, I now view it as an extension of my home, another room to furnish and enjoy. Last year we got most of the major work done. We flattened a shed, created a cut flower patch, had Read more >

A Stroll Round My Garden

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared what’s been happening in my garden here, so I thought that I’d indulge in my ever-growing passion for gardening today and talk plants, flowers and blooms, taking you on a virtual stroll round my garden. Ever since the start of spring, I’ve been obsessing over and noticing everything out in my garden. It now looks so much greener than it did just a few weeks ago, and there’s been plenty of splashes of colour already. I think my favourite so far has been my Bleeding Heart… I’ve enjoyed filling a fair few vases with Read more >

Can I Go Back Out Into My Garden Yet?

OK, so I know I can go out there any time I like, but the truth is, I really don’t like to in the winter. It’s soggy, it’s brown, it’s dreary and I know I can’t cut things back and prune them for fear of killing them if we get cold snaps. So it all seems pointless being out there! But, oh, how I’ve missed it. More so than ever before. I’ve always been a summer person, never happier than when I can pop flip flops on and feel ridiculously hot all day. But this time, I think because I Read more >

My Garden in December

Well, here we are at the end of the year, and I’m not quite sure how and when that happened! I’ve enjoyed reflecting on what’s been happening in my garden each month and sharing it in a few shots, too. I’ve captured it through all seasons now, and through all of the work we’ve done out there, too. Looking back, we have got quite a lot done, with cutting a tree down, removing a shed, building a veg plot, adding a little wildlife garden and my favourite thing, my cut-flower patch. And so to December. I’ve actually still been planting! Read more >

My Garden in November

I’ve actually been gardening. In November. Yes, I surprised myself, too. I look out my window at the moment and am decidedly uninspired to potter about in the garden. It’s wet and damp and most of the colour has fled. But, a plant delivery that I’d placed back in August arrived, so needs must, and my lawn was irritating me. The Husband had given it it’s ‘final mow’ in September, but I had an inkling that that may have simply been it’s ‘penultimate mow’. With this week being the last for garden waste collections, and with Harry our hound tentatively Read more >