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Bullet Journal Prompts for Bookworms

Today I am sharing a few ideas that connect two of my favourite papery things, bullet journals and books! I have been thinking up a few bullet journal prompts for bookworms. I love putting together new bullet journal collections, some that are entirely practical and useful, others that are simply fun to do. These are a bit of a mix between the two. If you aren’t a big reader, then they aren’t likely to be remotely useful, but to those of us who often have our noses in a book, or spend far too much time browsing book shops, there Read more >

3 Easy Ways a Bullet Journal Can Make You More Productive

3 Easy Ways a Bullet Journal Can Make You More Productive

You may week know that I love my bullet journal here. I have written a few posts about how I use mine, from a beginner’s guide through to using it for different purposes, and today I wanted to talk about it as a productivity tool, its primary purpose. When you see images of bullet journals, they’re often pretty, with great doodles, beautiful writing, carefully laid out grids and so on. Well, they are not like mine! I do use washi tape and brightly coloured pens to pretty it up, but as you’ll see in my video ‘Bullet Journal Set Up Read more >

10 Gorgeous Instagram Accounts for Bullet Journals

As you know, I love to bullet journal. It keeps me on track, makes me more productive and is a lovely way of journaling memories. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, you can read Getting Started with a Bullet Journal, where I do stress that you needn’t be artistic to do this as I certainly am not! I’ll show you my bullet journal over on YouTube, a bullet journal for the unartistic! But that does not stop me oohing and aahing over gorgeous bullet journals over on Instagram, so today I am sharing a few of my favourites Read more >

10 Gorgeous Instagram Accounts for Bullet Journals

disney planning bullet journal spread

Using a Bullet Journal to Plan for Disney World

There is much excitement here as we have decided that we are going to Disney World next year. So along with watching a lot of Disney vlogs, especially BrummyMummyof2’s as they’re friends of ours so the kids love seeing their pals exploring Disney, I thought I’d best start making some plans. Partly because it feels like the kind of holiday that requires some planning to get the most out of it, and partly because it’s fun to do! So I have taken to my bullet journal… I have popped two double page spreads in there dedicate to Disney planning. I Read more >

Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening

Spring is finally here and as such, my thoughts are turning to my garden and I am itching to get going out there. Over the past couple of years I have kept a garden journal as a means to track what’s happening out there and capture any plans, but this year it makes more sense to me to incorporate this into my bullet journal as that’s where I keep everything else these days, so I’ve been thinking about how I can be using my bullet journal for gardening. I have always included a small section about the garden in my Read more >

Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening

52 Bullet Journal Collection Ideas...Just Because!

52 Bullet Journal Collections Ideas….Just Because!

If you stop by here regularly, you’ll know that I wouldn’t be without my bullet journal. It helps me to stay organised, be more productive and reflect back over my day and month in a way that makes me appreciate the little things. I do love it. So today I thought I’d share how I set mine up, along with some inspiration around bullet journal collections. Bullet Journal Set Up My bullet journal is set up really simply, with just a few monthly spreads at the beginning of each month, and then my daily to do lists and collections as Read more >

How to Use a Bullet Journal to Improve Your Health

Ah, the wonders of my bullet journal. Yes, I am now using it to help me get healthier as well as more productive and organised – if you don’t know what I am going on about, do check out my Getting Started with a Bullet Journal guide. I’ve been adding some new collections and spreads to it this month to support me in improving my health and fitness, so I thought it might be useful to share them here. At the moment, I already track my daily water intake and keep a food diary within my bullet journal, I do Read more >

5 Papery Hobbies to Enjoy

As regular readers will know, I run my #BringBackPaper series here hoping to inspire and get more paper enjoyed, more letter writing taking place, more happy post being sent, more books shared around, more news on beautiful products, and simply more indulgence in pretty papery goods. Books and stationery are my go-to pick me up treats. I’m always going to enjoy starting a shiny new notebook, settling down to write a few letters, covering envelopes in washi tape, or my first papery love and firm favourite, curling up with a good book. These things make me happy. They also help Read more >

Christmas Bullet Journal Spreads

It is already December, it is all getting exciting now! I absolutely love Advent and Christmas and always have even before having the kids, though they definitely make it more magical for me. I like everything about it, even the planning and organising aspects which have been made even easier for me this year as I have my bullet journal. My beloved bullet journal. Now if you’ve not heard me going on about how useful I find my bullet journal before, or more to the point, what a bullet journal actually is, then do pop over to Getting Started with Read more >

Bullet Journal Inspiration

I’ve been using a bullet journal since June and I am completely hooked. This isn’t just a pretty item of stationery that I like to use sometimes, this is an essential part of my every day life now. Yes, it’s that serious. Now, if you’re wondering what I am waffling on about it, I’ll point you in the direction of Getting Started with a Bullet Journal so that you can get a feel for it all, before sharing with you today some rather beautiful places to visit and get your fill of bullet journal inspiration. Pinterest is a fabulous place to Read more >

35 Things to Track in your Bullet Journal

Regular readers will know that a couple of months ago I decided to give using a bullet journal a go. And it worked for me. And I am now hooked! I cannot tell you how much I rate this system, though my 8 Reasons You Should be Using a Bullet Journal should give you a clue. Bullet journals are hugely versatile as you basically decide yourself what to include in them, how to use them and how to get the most out of yours. They should make you more productive, and can include journaling, art, collections, lists, schedules, trackers and Read more >

8 Reasons You Should Be Using A Bullet Journal

I have been using my bullet journal since mid-June and it’s fair to say that I am a total convert. If you’ve yet to try one, or haven’t heard of them, today I’m going to be giving you 8 reasons you should be using a bullet journal, and let’s see if you become a convert, too. I wasn’t sure that I would be converted, to be honest, but seeing them everywhere I was intrigued and wanted to give it a go. I’ve used various planners, notebooks and journals before and I don’t always stick to them, sometimes finding them superfluous Read more >

My Bullet Journal in June

I shared a couple of weeks ago that I’ve decided to give using a bullet journal a go. So far, so good, so I thought that following on from Getting Started With a Bullet Journal, it would be helpful to share how I use mine and take a look at the pages that I have been using. My Set Up Now, as you’ve no doubt picked up from my last post, the set up is a personal thing. This works on a couple of levels, as the content is totally about what you need from your journal so differs from journal Read more >

Bullet Journal Set Up in June

Getting Started With A Bullet Journal

I have taken the plunge and have started a bullet journal. I know, I know, I am rather late to this party, but better late than never, right? So today I wanted to share with you my initial thoughts and for those of you who are still to give this a try, or perhaps haven’t even heard of it, I’ll share a few tips for getting started with a bullet journal. A bullet journal is a system for keeping yourself organised created by Ryder Carroll. It’s a free-form planner, journal, log and more. It’s very flexible as you can tailor Read more >