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An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy

Last weekend I did something exciting. I did something just for me, acquiring a new skill and indulging in a few hours of calm and creativity. I attended a Craft Courses workshop, giving me an introduction to Modern Calligraphy, and I absolutely loved it. Craft Courses is an online directory listing hundreds of courses across the UK to begin or develop creative, craft and artisan skills. I am delighted to be working with them over the coming months as I want to be able to bring you details of a variety of new experiences that I will try, on the Read more >

An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy

Do I Make My Children Read?

Do I make my children read? That’s a question that I have been asked this week. Interesting question. And what if I do? Is reading really so bad? Is that so very cruel of me? As it happens, the answer is ‘no’, I don’t ‘make’ my children read. Children that read are at an advantage at school, in life. Reading improves vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. It fuels imaginations, it improves concentration, it boosts memory, it increases empathy and it is a way to reduce stress and anxiety. All of these gains, with something that is fun, something that is Read more >

Book Swap September 2018

A new month must bring with it a new #BringBackPaper activity. So this month I thought it would be fun to go for a book swap! If you’ve yet to take part in one of these, the idea behind the book swap is very simple and easy for anyone to join in. It’s open to all internationally, as long as you’re aged over 18. The idea is to send a pre-loved fiction book out into the world for someone else to enjoy, and for the recipient to be reading something that they may not have chosen themselves. It’s a really Read more >

Self-Care Journal Prompts You Should Try Today

Self-Care Journal Prompts You Should Try Today

Self-care is something that I am not great at. Like many of us, I tend to put my own care at the bottom of the pile, below my family, work, home and so on. But I know that this isn’t good for me or for the people around me, so I am determined to make more of an effort to improve this going forward. Me being me, I know that if I add self-care to my bullet journal, I am more likely to take the time for it and focus on it. As such, I have put together some Self-Care Read more >

Using Zapper To Sell Books

As you may know, I have a lot of books. I like books! But with heaving bookshelves, a couple of weeks ago I decided to have a big clear-out. I have books that I have read and knew I wouldn’t re-read and then a stack of books I had had as university text books. I then had books that I had been given and had been on my to be read pile for a couple of years, so I decided to be ruthless and pass them on. If I hadn’t picked them up in all of those months, I was Read more >

The Bring Back Paper Club Facebook Group

So many people have asked me to form the Bring Back Paper Club Facebook group, so yes, I have finally got round to it… It’s a Facebook group for all things paper. It’s a group where we can share and indulge in our mutual love for all things paper. We can chat books, share snail mail tips, show papery tutorials, admire gorgeous libraries, giggle over bookish memes and share any paper crafts – anything papery is very welcome. I do often run swaps, so snaps of these can also be shared, so we can all ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over them Read more >

Introducing the TABi – And You Can Win One!

Today I am introducing the TABi, a new stationery product. The TABi is unlike anything I have seen before, so I wanted to share it with you, stationery-loving people! It is a paper organiser using index tabs to allow you to locate your notes and ideas. Rather than having to flick back through pages and pages in order to locate specific notes or thoughts, TABi lets you write an index tab for EVERY page so you can instantly find your notes, making it easier to stay task focused and in control. Opening up the soft-touch black cover reveals plenty of Read more >

Lollipop Box Club Review & Competition

Today I am excited to be sharing with you this month’s Lollipop Box Club kit and a competition for one of you lucky folks to win a box. I think the first thing to say about the Lollipop Box Club is that it isn’t simply a stationery subscription box, it is a fair bit more than that, it really is a club. Along with the kit, there is a blog, a YouTube channel and a Facebook community group. Each month there is a theme to the kit and with each theme there’s a meaning behind the kit to help inspire Read more >

Pen Pal Sign Up July 2018

It is pen pal sign up time!!! I get so, so many requests to run these, so I just know that this one is going to be popular! This is a chance to get yourself a pen pal or two. Of all of the Bring Back Paper activities that I run, I admit that this is by far the most time-consuming and tricky to organise, the last one took me several days, but I just love it! I know how much it means to so many people when they get that pen pal and start up new friendships. So do Read more >

Birthday Additions To My TBR Pile

Of course we all know that I needed more books. It was pretty much a given that I was going to buy a huge stack of them on my birthday, wasn’t it? A book-buying binge is pretty much synonymous with my birthday! You may be aware that I already have a significant To Be Read pile. I’m not sure of the exact number of books that I own and have yet to read, and I do my best to avoid checking and counting them, but I’d guess it’s in the region of around 40 books. Ish. Give or take a Read more >

Stationery Swap June 2018

Woohoo, it’s time for a stationery swap! This is a chance for you to spread some happiness with happy mail as you can enjoy putting together a parcel full of pretty papery goodies for your swap partner and then you get to unwrap their offerings as a treat for yourself. It is all round stationery happiness! It is fun and simple activity to get involved with. All you need to do is pop a package of stationery bits and bobs together and send them out into the world to your swap partner so that they have received them by the Read more >

Bullet Journal Prompts for Bookworms

Today I am sharing a few ideas that connect two of my favourite papery things, bullet journals and books! I have been thinking up a few bullet journal prompts for bookworms. I love putting together new bullet journal collections, some that are entirely practical and useful, others that are simply fun to do. These are a bit of a mix between the two. If you aren’t a big reader, then they aren’t likely to be remotely useful, but to those of us who often have our noses in a book, or spend far too much time browsing book shops, there Read more >

Send Some Snail Mail This Month! #BringBackPaper

This month, I’d love to encourage more people to send out some snail mail, by running a little #BringBackPaper challenge. It’s such a simple thing to do, and I absolutely believe that it cheers up the recipient and is a fun thing for the sender to do. I know, I know, I do go on about this, but just try it and you’ll see why. OK, so you’ve read this far and you’re thinking, ‘yes, this would be a nice thing to do….but who do I write to?’ Good question. Fortunately, it’s one that I can help with! – send Read more >

Having Pen Pals – It’s A Selfish Thing

I talk quite a lot here about my love of snail mail, having pen pals, spreading the happy mail joy and so on. And it absolutely is about brightening someone’s day with lovely post. But, it’s also a selfish thing. No question about it. Having pen pals gives me an excuse to buy loads of stationery. An actual legitimate reason! My first thought, and it’s totally selfish! Now, you can pen pal with the most basic of stationery as it’s all about the thought and your lovely messages, but I do love the additional fun of building up a rather Read more >

Bring Back Paper Book Swap April 2018

I am thinking that it must be about time for another book swap, I haven’t run one yet this year so I must remedy that! I do love a good old book swap. I like deliberating over which book to send as much I like to receive the surprise book in the post! The idea behind the book swap is very simple and easy for anyone to take part in. It’s open to all, as long as you’re aged over 18. The idea is to send a pre-loved fiction book out into the world for someone else to enjoy, and Read more >

Do You Read Or Are You A Reader?

Do you read or are you a reader? I think there’s a difference, you see. My Husband reads, whereas I am a reader. I am a reader. I have to have a book on the go at all times. I often have the book near me. I love walking into a bookshop and can rarely pass one without going in for a little browse. I am familiar with a huge amount of authors, and will often have a good idea of the newest titles, the book that everyone is talking about. If I have a birthday coming up, I am Read more >